Why can’t Pinduoduo create a shopping festival?

While making festivals, since 2019, Pinduoduo has never given up trying to squeeze into the big promotion carnival of mainstream e-commerce platforms, but it is still an outsider so far. There is little room for price cuts, and shopping festivals are becoming more and more popular. Pinduoduo, which has missed the bonus period of making festivals, has repeatedly failed. This is due to the lack of internal genes and the shackles of the external environment. The 10 billion subsidy is a phenomenon-level shopping spree exclusive to Pinduoduo, but it is not a long-term solution to lose money and make money.

A ray of hope

How long can Pinduoduo last by spending money to improve its tone and modify its genes? Everyone is scrambling to catch the popularity of Double 11. Only Pinduoduo does not take the usual path and breaks out of the encirclement by spending a lot of money on subsidies. On October 26, Apple’s new Honduras Phone Number List generation of iPad 10 officially went on sale. The official price of the 64G, version is 3,599 yuan, and the price after the Pinduoduo platform subsidizes 600 yuan is 2,998 yuan, which is the lowest price on the entire network. Pinduoduo made Apple’s new product “break” on its own, which once became a hot topic of the day.

Lack of knot-making genes

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But few people have noticed that Pinduoduo, which has opened a gap in the e-commerce market occupied by the two giants Taobao and and formed a tripartite BY Lists confrontation, has not been able to create its own besides 618 and Double 11. Shopping Festival. Pinduoduo is also keen on “rubbing festivals”, but the effect is not ideal. Lack of genes internally, no soil externally, and Pinduoduo, which cannot create festivals, can it rely on “tens of billions of subsidies” to win the world? 1. One section is hard to find This year’s Double 11, Pinduoduo is as keen as ever on the festival. On October 20, Pinduoduo took the lead in launching the year-end promotion.

Competing to create the first “domestic Chat GPT”, big manufacturers are fighting

In the beginning of 2023 Chat GPT is really popular and the big manufacturers. Are not idle and they have started the first wave of rapid deployment. From Microsoft Google, to Baidu HKUST Cunei Tencent   they have successively announced their business lines combined with Chat GPT. Among them, Baidu even placed high hopes on its “Chinese version” Chat GPT business at the just-concluded 2022 fourth quarter financial report meeting. However if the big manufacturers want to achieve the “Chinese version” of Chat GPT. They still need to face challenges in personnel reserves cash reserves and commercialization.

“Life-saving Straw” Chat GPT

Planning of the Chat GPT project. Xiaoguang Club learned from relevant personnel of Amimia that since February, various major companies have begun to “rob” Chat GPT-related talents on Amimia. When the major businesses of major manufacturers are Guatemala Phone Number List almost facing growth ceilings, will the story of Chat GPT become the next “Metaverse” bubble? Can the deployment of Chat GPT by major manufacturers bring potential revenue growth? 1. Big manufacturers, get in the car! After three years of silence, Chat GPT is bringing a “long drought with rain” opportunity for major manufacturers.

 Will Chat GPT be a “firework”?

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Leading technology and Internet companies have announced their “boarding” at an astonishing speed. Baidu, which is mainly engaged in search engines, has seized the “No. 1 candidate” position of China’s Chat GPT by relying on its natural attributes. As early as February 7, Baidu officially announced that it will create an artificial intelligence chat BY Lists robot service similar to Chat GPT, and name the project “Wen Xin Yi Yan”. It plans to complete the internal test in March and open it to the public. Then at Baidu’s fourth-quarter financial report meeting on February 22, Baidu even stated that it would integrate into all operating products and customer.

Tens of billions of subsidies are not a low-price antidote, e-commerce urgently needs new stories

Go to  to buy home appliances, go to Taobao for all types, and go to Pinduoduo to buy cheap products. The once clear “mind” of users is gradually being broken, and the key to breaking the situation is the “ten billion subsidies” of major platforms. “As an ordinary user, I don’t have absolute loyalty, and I just get in the car when it’s cheap.” Qin Yu, who is good at shopping around, finds that she is getting more and more daring to buy things on Pinduoduo, and she dares to “give it a go” for large home appliances: price is really good, and I’m going to buy a new Apple phone.

Jindong’s tens of billions of subsidies can’t afford it?

However as tens of billions of subsidy activities are in full swing in front of the public, she “emergency brakes” on purchase decision: “It’s still very expensive. Looking forward to 10 billion subsidy, on the one hand, I am curious about the price level, and Ghana Phone Number List on the other hand, after all, overall purchase of electrical appliances is more reassuring.” Beginning in February, began warming up tens of billions of subsidies with a high profile, and played a game of public opinion back and forth with Pinduoduo, staged a “price undercover” drama. Low prices have become the consensus of e-commerce, and tens of billions of subsidies have become the main battlefield for low prices.

Why did radicals in the price war take the conservative route?

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But it is clear that tens of billions of subsidies will treat the symptoms but not the root cause. tens of billions of subsidies can’t afford it? On March 9, in the tens of billions of subsidy activities of the two platforms, there was an Apple 14 Pro mobile phone that Qin Yu was planning to buy. “For the same product, is 100 more expensive than BY Lists Pinduoduo. I don’t quite understand why has been overtly and covertly targeting double payout. ” Similar to Qin Yu’s sensitive price perception, many users are complaining that tens of billions of subsidies are full of gimmicks, but lack of sincerity.

23 years old, my 125 thoughts on content, consumption and life

In my opinion the best state is to see the content posted last year and feel that the picture. Of myself at that time is broken which shows that I have grown this year. So I decided to pull out everything I’ve posted over the past year and revisit it. As a result I pulled it out and saw that there were more than 70,000 characters. Which was as active as a marketing account! Some of them seem to be a bit smart, and some of them already seem to feel that their patterns are broken. In short, the good, the bad, the smart, the stupid, are all me. I screened it, and (rest assured that there are no 70,000 words) divided the content into these parts.

Thoughts of being a content practitioner

Thoughts of being a content practitioner Thoughts of being a consumer practitioner Daily life and thinking of 23 years old Some inspiring book video excerpts If you have 15 minutes now, I don’t think it’s a bad time to spend this time to meet Georgia Phone Number List re-acquaint an interesting friend~ You can open a blind box and spend whatever you want. If these contents resonate and inspire you, that’s really great! For me, this content is purely a record, but there is also a small expectation. I hope that through this article, I can get to know more interesting you, you and you. So now, come and review my 23 years with me.

platform requires you to invest 100% of

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Thoughts of being a content practitioner 1 See enough and inspiration will come naturally. 2 Think of yourself as an assembly line factory. 3 About the podcast: “Where do you find a 60-minute brand communication scene right now?” 4 I hope that the content published in the new year will be less nonsense, concise and powerful, and each BY Lists article can bring you more information. (Looking at this sentence written in 2022 in 2023, I want to say to myself a year ago, yes, you did it.) 5 I asked questions from many seniors who have made achievements in the content industry, and finally found out-“Everyone understands the truth, and the most valuable thing is the feeling of being immersed in this industry.

Live broadcast with goods, TVB “last stand”?

Chen Munshi spoke Mandarin so fast that I listened to it, but speaking Cantonese later on made me feel more comfortable.” “I can’t understand at all. After the host speaks Cantonese, the assistant translates again, which will affect the perception of the live broadcast room.” Li Xu, a die-hard TVB fan, and Zhao Qi, who doesn’t understand Cantonese, expressed two completely different feelings about “Blue Hole Commercial” after watching TVB’s first show on Taobao. At 18:00 on March 7th, TVB Taobao’s official live broadcast account “TVB Zhuihu” started broadcasting for the first time.

Falling from the altar

Three hours after Hong Kong star Chen Munshi started broadcasting, Chen Hao entered the venue, and the live broadcast lasted for 6 hours. Because of the gimmicks of “Bilingual Live Streaming” and “Hong Kong Style Nostalgia”, second bringing into Finland Phone Number List Drama Cantonese and other related topics rushed into the hot searches on Weibo. Li Xu, who grew up watching TVB Hong Kong dramas, is a “die-hard fan” of Hong Kong dramas. She has watched the entire series of “Storm of Hearts” at least 3 times. She also plays the Cantonese version of “Scheme of the Palace” when she is at home with a baby. On the evening of March 7th, Li Xu resolutely chose the latter between Li Iraqi and TVB.

Love and hate short video

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That night, the high-frequency words in the comment area of ​​the live broadcast room were “memory killing” and “nostalgia”. In order to support Chen Munshi and Chen Hao, she seldom eats desserts, so she ordered products such as . Jenny Cookie Smart Bear Handmade Biscuits” in the live broadcast room. According to statistics, 131 products BY Lists were launched on the live broadcast that night, including food, cosmetics, luxury clothing, 3C electronics and other categories, and the line is basically instant. According to the “First Show Battle Report” released by TVB’s official Weibo, the sales of the show exceeded 23.5 million yuan, the cumulative number of viewers exceeded 4.85 million. And the highest number of online users exceeded 30,000.

The Turning Point at Station B (Part 2)

Let’s talk about the commercialization of Bili Bili—culture, games, and social interaction. For the current Bili Bili, commercialization comes after cost reduction. In 2022, Station B’s annual total revenue will reach 21.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13%. Among them, value-added services and advertising are the main drivers of Station B’s revenue growth, with revenue increasing by 26% and 12% year-on-year respectively. It can be seen from the financial report that in order to tap the commercial value of users, Bili Bili must have the support of traffic. The total usage time of Bili Bili users increased by 51% year-on-year this quarter.

The economic premium of community culture

The key is that after the Story mode is launched it has been smoothly integrated. with the community ecology and has become a supplement for new usage scenarios. The average daily playback volume has increased by 175% year-on-year. And it has Estonia Phone Number List also become a traffic pool that can be used for commercial realization. In addition the performance advertising revenue of station B has also increased. By more than 50% year-on-year, which has run out of good cases such as Pinduoduo. The management of Station B also stated that Station. B is the only video content community in the industry that insists on expanding.

Making games at Station B is not just self-made — talk about the value of the game community and the life cycle of the game

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The open loop, and welcomes more e-commerce platforms to settle in. In the future, this may also become a powerful growth point for Bili Bili advertising. In the fourth quarter, the gross profit margin of station B increased by 2.1 percentage BY Lists points from the previous quarter to 20.3%. While achieving rapid growth in daily active users, marketing and sales expenses decreased by 28% year-on-year, and its proportion in total revenue dropped from 30% in the same period last year to 21%. 20% gross profit is the standard line for measuring the health of corporate revenue. More than 20% means that the company’s profitability is on track.

Duo Duo Video DAU breaks 100 million: Besides subsidies what else is attractive?

To the surprise of many, daily activity is soaring. According to 36 Krypton reports, the DAU of short video business Video” has exceeded 150 million from the end of last year to the beginning of 2023, and is currently stable at 100-120 million. The peak user duration exceeds 40 minutes, and is currently stable at around 30 minutes. In such a short period of time, this result is obviously very impressive. as the fastest-growing product of China’s mobile Internet, took only 17 months from its release to breaking the 100 million DAU level. Although Video was launched in 2020, in fact, it will be fully launched in February 2022 after testing the waters.

What is the content ecology of Duo duo video with DAU exceeding 100 million?

Which also means that Video will become one of the fastest growing e-commerce content platforms. Although its DAU is still far behind that of today’ sand Kuaishou (nearly 400 million), it has surpassed Xiaohongshu (nearly 100 million), and its El-Salvador Phone Number List user duration is comparable to that of WeChat video accounts (about 30 minutes). —like the childhood of a “big monster”. Xiaohongshu DAU, MAU and usage time, source Securities Pinduoduo, which is good at rising from adversity, seems to be similar to the script that once rose strongly in front of Taobao and  divided the world into three parts. Under the iron wall of short video, Video once again broke through. But what is the actual “gold” content of this report card? There is no conclusion yet.

Duo duo also needs tens of billions of subsidies to support it?

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It can be seen that Video has sprung up relying on the “Internet earning model” and blood transfusion. The current 100 million  DAU is mostly attracted by subsidies. Burning money can create a temporary prosperity, but in the long run, it can be self The road to profit in hematopoiesis is the long-term solution. Of course, the breakthrough of Video BY Lists is also good news for traditional e-commerce. On the road to content, the two “big brothers” Taobao  have been exploring hard, but the results have been limited. In the short video track, Video, as a new catfish, will stir up any movement this year? 1. What is the content ecology of video with DAU exceeding 100 million.

100 Keyword Predictions for 2023 Health (81-90): Guam Sha Meta-Mindfulness and “Rest” Exercise

Mental health probiotics are starting to get attention from mental health experts. As they can have specific benefits for the nervous system. Also In July 2022, Seed Health an award-winning probiotic and prebiotic supplement brand. Also launched a joint gut-brain development program in partnership. With biopharmaceutical company Axial Therapeutics The brand will leverage Caltech research linking. Gut microbiome health to potential solutions for anxiety. Also Stress and depression. Also Caltech is the first lab to discover a link between gut microbes and neuropsychiatric disorders. And its research will be used to better understand the benefits of microbiome. Treatments on mental and emotional health and develop solutions.

Lymphatic health care  scraping therapy  Lymphatic is the latest focus of people’s health

In their pursuit of emotional wellness consumers are beginning to value gut and brain health. Also According to Research and Markets the global probiotics market has grown from $39 billion in 2016 to $58 billion in 2021. A growing number of supplements are touting their benefits in boosting Egypt Phone Number List cognitive. Also mental, and mental energy. In August 2022, Life, a US-based biomedical company, Also launched its first brain-healthy probiotic which is formulated with the company’s patented spiritual probiotic PS128. Also The company claims the ingredient can “help balance serotonin, dopamine, cortisol, and other molecules that affect mood, thinking, and movement, while also helping to promote gastrointestinal health.

Lie flat movement Internet celebrities in many communities are advocating a concept of slow life

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Dr. Cassandra Arendt, Director of Science Communications at Life, told Intelligence that continues to “see an exponential increase in gut-brain axis research in the scientific literature. Also Now, the wider public is starting to understand and care too.” This kind of research.” She also noted that as more and more people “are struggling with mental health issues, Also there is always a BY Lists need for safer (treatment) options with fewer side effects, Also and mental probiotics may fill that need for some. Also In the same month, Thailand and Canada approved the registration of PS128, Also which is said to have “potential neurological and mental health benefits, such as improving sleep and relieving symptoms such as anxiety, depression, autism and Parkinson’s disease.

The end point of consumer demand realizing super-self value

In the general preface of “Vision Hammer”, there is an article “The Birth of Category and the End of Strategy”, which mentions Hegel’s philosophical concept “the end of history”. The history we think of is generally what has happened. In this sense, history will not end. The “history” mentioned by Hegel is the sum of human experience and ideology, and it is the philosophical level. In this sense, human beings must reach this end at some point. “The End of History” has been found. Hegel pointed out that “the most fundamental driving force for the development of human history is not economics, but psychology, which is the psychology that human beings hope to be recognized.

Has the end of human needs emerged?

Hegel believed that at the time of the French Revolution, mankind had found the historical end of philosophy, democracy and freedom. Because democracy and freedom can allow everyone to be recognized, and then promote the development of society. Borrowing Hegel’s philosophy of “the end of history”, “The Birth of Category and the End of Strategy” believes that Ecuador Phone Number List the end of business strategy is category. Creating and leading a category is the core of business strategy, and it also provides a clearer implementation standard for the focus concept: focus on all resources to occupy a category in the minds of customers.

Where is the end point of marketing behavior?

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The mind of customers is the ultimate battlefield of marketing competition. And consumers “think in terms of categories. And express in terms of brands” are the driving mechanism of consumer behavior. Consumers’ “thinking” and “expression” behaviors are exactly what the brain does. Which is the BY Lists concept of “mind” in positioning. In the previous article I used Stephen Pincer’s “Mind Exploration” many times to correct. The definition of mind for everyone the mind is not the brain. But what the brain does. According to Drucker, the sole purpose of a business is to create customers. And positioning is the psychological mechanism that enterprises must follow to create customers.

Soda music intercepts OST copyright, where does Byte Dance’s “Chasing Road” stop?

Some time ago friend A who worked in the music industry went to a film and television company. To discuss the music copyright cooperation of a certain OST. At that time she was sitting with the leader in the conference room of the partner. To finalize the final details. The contract was all on the table. By coincidence the phone rang and the other party went out to answer it. This walk is two hours. Two hours later the other party  to the table but what they brought was the news that the copyright had been lost to another family. In fact in the past few years this “other family” has often appeared. As the protagonist of TME or Cloud Music but the protagonist. In this story has been  by soda music.

Share a glass of streaming media “soda”

Compared with the publicity situation of the two giants, soda music, which is still in the promotion period, is extremely low-key in the market, but low-key does not mean that it has no achievements. 1. Share a glass of streaming media “soda” For most people, the name of soda music may still be Dominican Republic Phone Number List unfamiliar, but if you are a user, the words soda music should not be uncommon, and you can often encounter download buttons when you swipe videos. The sense of use of soda music is very similar also adopts the up-and-down mode of short video switching habits, and the video dynamics are often used as the background in the playback interface. Share the music library with and push the smart music library to users through AI recommendation.

A corner of the layout

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This caused kk to download an audio version of within 5 minutes of downloading. In addition to the lack of diverse short video content, the songs that slide up and down are always short videos that are often heard in BGM. Soda music page Judging from the long-term usage habits of music listeners, the interface of soda music is illogical. In the music scene where “listening” has an BY Lists absolute advantage, the way of switching up and down and emphasizing the playback of the chorus is to some extent destroying people’s music consumption habits, which seems too fast food. Compared with the predecessors who have defined user habits, soda music does not have any advantages in this dimension.

Low prices return to the focus subsidies are just a means but there is a world inside!

The “10 billion subsidy” was fully launched on the app at 0:00 on March 6 and appeared. In the center of the first screen of the homepage 20 hours earlier than the original plan. So far the “10 billion subsidy” low-price sales strategy. Which was first promoted by Pinduoduo. Ka’s attracted core e-commerce platforms including and to follow up and open event entrances. Low prices have returned to the focus again and even become the key to breaking. The offensive and defensive game of the core e-commerce platform. 10 billion subsidy “10 Billion Subsidy” channel, which directly targets Pinduoduo will continue as a long-term strategy.

 Jindong’s 10 billion subsidy

What is anxious about? is a self-operated e-commerce company with a relatively strong control over products. Relying on the advantages of “authentic products + logistics”, its profits have always been Czech Republic Phone Number List invincible. With the change of people’s consumption concept and the improvement of income level, the pursuit of quality and brand has gradually become the mainstream of consumer demand. Against this backdrop, “genuine licensed product” image advantage is prominent, bringing higher profit margins. Logistics has always been regarded as the core competitiveness of JD. It not only has basic express delivery capabilities.

The tens of billions of subsidies are highly

Phone Number List

But also has an intra-city retail model. It has built a strong supply chain infrastructure, and has laid out and Hourly Shopping, ensuring fast and high quality The high-quality service has also achieved the ultimate in terminal outlets, which can meet the various needs of customers. Three years BY Lists after the epidemic, consumption has been downgraded, user demands have changed, and has also begun to face internal and external troubles. foreign aggression: The Amoy system has a huge advantage in size , and it is still the best. 2. Pinduoduo has risen rapidly by relying on low prices.

Ten billion subsidy war, Taobao watched from the other side

An Taobao employee believes that Taobao’s five major strategies this year actually correspond. To the five major competing products live broadcasting private domain  WeChat content  Xiaohongshu local retail  price power  fight a lot. Taobao will not show anxiety to the outside world like but once tens of billions of subsidies and other activities. Shake up Taobao’s basic market Taobao may be forced to fight. Don’t dance with Pinduoduo Employees of traditional. E-commerce giants have a consensus it is best not to dance with Pinduoduo. Before Double Taobao launched the “Juhuasuan Ten Billion Subsidy” overnight. Trying to defeat Pinduoduo with Pinduoduo.

 Don’t dance with Pinduoduo

Later this activity was fixed on the first screen of the homepage as a normalized entrance, and it has been done successively for more than 3 years. On Alibaba’s intranet, there were many posts complaining about the tens of billions of subsidy activities in the past: it is not close to the people, there are Cyprus Phone Number List many routines, and it is not as simple and direct as competing products. These discussions have now largely died down. However, Taobao internally formed a relatively consistent conclusion on the tens of billions of subsidies, which was passed on to the outside world by Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba, in the earnings conference call: “No one in history can change the situation through their own continuous price subsidies.

The real firepower of the price war

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Regarding the tens of billions of subsidy wars launched by Ali basically took a wait-and-see attitude internally, because they had already tasted it. When used tens of billions of subsidies to “hard-core” Pinduoduo, Taobao quietly moved the entrance of Juhuasuan’s tens of billions of subsidies on the BY Lists homepage to the second screen. They don’t want to be i in this spring subsidy war. Judging from the intensity of the activity, the prices of some popular products on Juhuasuan’s tens of billions of subsidies are not the lowest on the entire network. For example, iPhone 14 Pro is 6,889 yuan after subsidies, and 6,824 yuan on In terms of price protection policy,
proposes double compensation.