5 Better Ways to Hire Freelancers

Workana is a popular freelancing site that has its pros and cons. This guide will help you understand the best Workana alternatives to hire better freelancers.
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Apr 20 | 4 min read
workana alternatives
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Workana is a freelancing website that helps connect people to qualified freelancers in many fields. However, there are some drawbacks that may make a few users look for an alternative platform.
For example, Workana doesn’t have many payment options, which can make it hard for you to pay freelancers the way you want. It also lacks customer support, which makes it difficult to get answers to questions and work with a team.
If you want to find the best freelancers and attract top talent, then you should consider alternatives to Workana.
In this list, we’ll help you explore your different options and give you insight into which platforms might be a better fit for your needs than Workana.
5 Top Freelance Writer Marketplaces

5 Top Freelance Writer Marketplaces

The first alternative to consider is WriterAccess, a content marketing service that puts your needs first.
While Workana can connect you with a wide variety of freelancers, WriterAccess has a strong focus on content strategy and content production. With the help of WriterAccess, you can find specialized writers for your industry and create exceptional content for your needs.
Customers of WriterAccess like that Whatsapp Data you can work with the customer support team to find writers and don’t have to manage your account alone.
They also like the direct access to writers that you don’t find on many other freelancing platforms. You can also save information like briefs and files for writers to access on their own time.
Specialized in content creation and production, but offer services of strategy and design
Wide range of pricing for budgeting
Self-serve portal for placing orders
Can take time to try out different writers
More qualified writers will charge more per word
No mobile app for on-the-go management
Pricing varies for each project based on the word count and what you are paying per word. There is also a monthly fee for a Basic or a Pro plan, but you can get a free 14-day trial to see how the platform can work for your needs.


Finding a great freelancer can be difficult. Content marketplaces and freelance platforms can help you connect with qualified, highly skilled writers and freelance professionals who are able to help your business grow. While Workana is an option, there are some better solutions to consider as you search for the BY Lists best-fit freelancer for your business.
At WriterAccess, we help you connect with vetted content creators who can help you scale your content production and grow your business.

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