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look at my social networks, Ballesteros es why not have them well prepared? “It is not enough to be a very good person, you also have to demonstrate it so that others see your professional worth,” explains the expert on LinkedIn. ON LINKEDIN, THE VALUE YOU RECEIVE IS PROPORTIONAL TO THE VALUE YOU OFFER TO YOUR COMMUNITY. There are many opportunities to progress professi   onally, but you have to value yourself, be confident when communicating, have a circle of trust… All of this must be shown on your LinkedIn profile because each company will be looking for something in particular from you and it has to be

David Díaz has explained how to get a good profile photo at zero

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David Díaz has explain how to  business email list  get a good profile photo at zero cost thanks to two applications. Removegb: Allows you to put a good background on any photo you have on your mobile. Snappr Photo Analyzer: objectively add notes of all the aspects that neto be modifiin your photo, such as composition, saturation, distance, etc. linkin profile photo What to avoid by putting in your profile photo: The photo on the border: We do not have to show that we have been students, what we want is to work   and, to do so, the photo has to show professionalism. The #OPENTOWORK: This does not affect the positioning of your profile in any way. Recruiters do not prioritize this factor when searching for a person, but instead focu

David Díaz has explained how to get a good

Business Email List

on searching by keywords. BACKGROUND IMAGE Many times we don’t know what to put in our LinkIn profile background image and we leave it blank. However, we have to know that this aspect is a good way to advertise, so we must take advantage of it. Some options: Put a photo from an image bank: We have to try to make that photo reflect something about us, that defines us and provides information. If a phrase is also add, the better. Add contact information: This is very interesting for promoting yourself. BY Lists  We can put our name and position, telephone number… Assembly: Another very good option is to put together a collage with motifs relatto your hobbies, work, studies… Photo of the person themselves doing something

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