Book Fair or in a related event, it would be advisable to

David Díaz has explainhow to get a good profile photo at zero cost thanks to two applications. Removegb: Allows  Book Fair or you to put a good background on any photo you have on your mobile. Snappr Photo Analyzer: objectively add notes of all the aspects that neto be modifixin your photo, such as composition, saturation, distance, etc. linkedin profile photo What to avoid by putting in your profile photo: The photo on the border: We do not have to show that we have been students, what we want is to work and, to do so, the photo has to show professionalism. The #OPENTOWORK: This does not affect the positioning of your profile in any way. Recruiters do not prioritize this factor when searching for a person, but instead focu

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Related to their professional Business Database business database   experience : If, for example, you work in the world of book publishing and have worked at the Book Fair or in a relat event, it would be advisable to select that photo. Tips: If you want to put the logo of your current company, the best location is at the bottom right in small form, so that it does not stand out much and does not downplay the personal brand of the person themselves. Some free resources   that can help you make the montages are Canva or Klipartz. The dimension of the background image must be 1584×396 PROFESSIONAL HOLDER One of the things that you have to keep in mind is that putting

LinkedIn professional headline that you are a student

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yourself in the LinkedIn professional headline that you are a student does not position anything. “You have 120 characters to sell yourself, put your first and last name, what you study (which is not the same as saying that you are a student) and your specialty Do you know which 2023 web design trends are here to stay? The sector has evolved so much in recent years that more and more companies are competing to have a

business database  good design on their website in order to be able to show themselves to their niche customers and give them confidence. Web designers find themselves in a time where they not only have to pay attention to what is visually attractive or

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