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[140] Today, the Gulf has undergone major changes and redesigns to meet the needs of water supply, shipping, agriculture, and urban development. Its side effects include the loss of wetlands and the introduction of pollutants and invasive species. [141] About 85% of the swamps have disappeared or been destroyed, but about 50 swamps and swamp fragments still exist. [140] Large swamps were initially destroyed by farmers for agricultural purposes, and then reused as salt evaporation ponds to produce salt for food and other purposes.

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[142] Today, regulations limit the damage to tidal swamps, and  new data   most tidal swamps are currently returning to their natural state. [140] Over time, the frequency of droughts and wildfires continues to increase and becomes no longer seasonal, but occurs throughout the year, further putting pressure on water safety in the area. 23.3% are Asian, 6.7% are non-Hispanic black or African-American, 0.7% are Aboriginal Americans or Alaska Aboriginal, 0.6% are Pacific Islanders, 5.

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 Each point has 25 individuals: white, black, Asian, Hispanic or other ( yellow ) San Francisco and Auckland San Jose Bay Area is one of the most populous areas in the United States. The two main counties in the Bay Area:  BY Lists  Santa Clara County and Alameda County, with a majority of Asian Americans. [154] The largest Asian American group is Chinese (7.9%), Filipinos (5.1%), Indians (3.3%), Vietnamese (2.5%) and Japanese <TAG1.

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