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Further building its credibility. Point post release and report. The event has pass. Successful or not is not so important. The basis of post release and reporting to sponsors is mica content. Take care of this at the stage of announcing the event invite a photographer , videographer , journalist. Checklist of tips Publishing on thematic websites Publish photos and video reports about the event on thematic websites. Show them the main points of the event , its important participants , interactivity and surroundings this is the key to an excellent impression of the event for those who were not present at it.

Consequences of not implementing BIM

Posting on social mia networks Post photos and videos from. The event to the photo editing servies VKontakte and Instagram groups , tag people in the photos. Reviews Collect feback from participants on social networks and post them in your communities. Tell about the event in the words of its participants. This will generate interest in your future events and your company. Reporting presentation Prepare a reporting presentation for partners and sponsors , including results and plans. And don t let this be ask of you. Do it. This will help maintain and increase the desire to work with you at other events.

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Publication in the mia Prepare a press release. Fill with features BY Lists of the event and its main results. Tell us in it how great everything went. What you are planning next and send the release to the mica. A minute to brag In , we at. Friend Mia cover , events at Shrum Burgum with photographs , film videos from major concerts , festivals and shows , and wrote press releases. We are working We at Drumian have been implementing all stages of events since . We treat each stage separately with great care and see the whole picture.

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Phasein Most Cases, You Will Not Need to Ask

cloud-based platform that can be accessed via subscription and can be completely managed independently without having to resort to external hosting services. With Magento you must equip yourself with a high-performance server, configure it and be able to manage its problems. Backend and frontend customization Shopify was born with the main code protected but already with a good number of tools and customization options, with the possibility of developing new

Conversion What Is the Motivation

ones ad hoc or switching to the advanced versionShopify Plus. However, if your business requires extreme customizations, Magento – being an open source software – is certainly more flexible to this type of request, but also more expensive. Shopify allows total control on the frontend even if the heart of the platform is not accessible, to guarantee greater  business lead  stability and integrity of the system. Magento, on the other hand, is fully customizable at the code level, but this obviously requires significant development skills. Simplicity of management and size of the

More Complex. Motivation Behind the

business Shopify is a really smooth platform with an intuitive and easy to learn admin interface. This also reduces the probable errors made during the ordinary management of the shop. Magento, on the other hand, has a more complex and detailed backend, suitable for those who are already familiar with that type of software. Both platforms BY Lists.  allow the inclusion of an unlimited number of products. However, our experience tells us that Shopify is suitable both for small and medium-sized stores (up to a few thousand products) and for e-commerce of medium and large

Between the Decision and Purchase

effective all-in-one solution that has become popular in a very short time thanks to its simplicity of startup and management. Shopify allows you to create flexible and high-performance e-commerce, e-commerce that is easy to manage and navigate. The development times of an e-commerce site with Shopify are much shorter than with Magento but obviously individual

Which Makes the Timing Longer and

 information about these two powerful tools to understand which is the most suitable for creating your own   business email list store. Magento and Shopify: hosting In fact, among the most frequent questions found online we find: is Magento or Shopify better for an e-commerce in 2023? What costs does Shopify expect? And the Hosting plan? Let’s try to give some answers together. Shopify is a

More Complex. Motivation Behind the

 cases must be evaluated in order to choose which of the two e-commerce platforms is the most suitable solution for you. Magento vs Shopify: which one to create an e-commerce with? We have introduced two of the tools that are most used forc  reation    of e-commer  ce sitesbut we have not yet identified the char  acteristics BY Lists. that interest us most to choose which of the two is better. Let’s look at some of them together. In this second part of the article we will provide some

Customer Care for Assistance and

companies with high turnover volumes throughShopify Plus version. On the contrary, Magento is more suitable for stores with tens of thousands of references. Site performance With Shopify the server’s transmission bandwidth is unlimited and is automatically adjusted depending on the accesses generated, while in the case of Magento in the presence of a traffic peak it is advisable to have a good systems engineer at hand with a plan B so as not to have problems to

That Drives a B2b User and a B2c User into the

the site. Apps and plugins: how to integrate new features into the shop For years, Magento Marketplace has presented a great variety of solutions that allow you to integrate functions for the shop from scratch, with costs usually linked only to the purchase of the module and the expert who takes care of the insta  business database   llation. Shopify, on the other hand, has a younger App Store but with a growing number of apps continuously integrated by developers, to allow features to be added to the store. The various applications are managed with the payment of monthly fees

More Complex. Motivation Behind the Marketing

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When We Talk About B2c Funnel Marketing the User Is

solutions capable of maximizing the investment already in the short and medium term. Magento orShopify for an e-commerce? This is the dilemma. We have already shown youwhy we like Shopifyas an e-commerce platform and what reasons lead us to prefer it over many other solutions. Now we would also like to explain to you, based on our experience in the

Phase to the Digital Marketing Strategy

development and management of online shops, when it is best to choose between Shopify and Magento. We do not find it correct to christen one of the  b2b leads   two platforms as superior to the other, instead we think it is essential to determine your needs and choose accordingly. Magento e-commerce Magento is one of the major players in e-commerce, a very powerful but equally

That Allbthere Is Actually a Group of Consumers

b2b leads

e-commerce with Magento 1 will have to consider migrating to the new version or changing platforms, since updates and support for version 1 ended in June 2020. For example, we talked at length BY Lists. aboutMigration from Magento to Shopify, dedicating a real saga to him. We believe it is really important to consider this Saas as a new e-commerce platform also for ease during the migration phase. Shopify e-commerce Shopify is the new entry in the e-commerce world, an

Commitments That Are Created and Accepted

help him with an issue. The 10 or 15 minutes of time your partner asked for turns out to be closer to an hour. You feel good that you helped, but you also feel bad that you could have used that time on something important that you needed to complete. Now you are further behind and you feel guilty. plan tasks A few minutes later, your boss makes a request by email because he needs urgent work and, by not saying no, you lose another hour of your work, which was your main task. How do I end these types of situations? Learn to say ‘no’ firmly, gracefully, tactfully

If That Urgency or Importance Is for

and without guilt because constantly saying yes to everything is unhealthy and causes unnecessary stress. ‘NO’: HOW SUCH A SIMPLE WORD CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE The habit of taking on more commitments than you can keep harms your relationships and your physical and mental health, including your stress level. Learn to feel comfortable saying no in a direct and elegant way, rejecting the proposal and not the person who makes it. ALWAYS SAYING ‘YES’ TO OTHERS MEANS YOU WILL HAVE LITTLE TIME FOR YOURSELF Knowing when to  business database    say yes and when to say no creates a healthy balance in life. “When you have a hard time saying no and don’t say anything, hesitate, or respond with a maybe, you are, in

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related to their professional experience :

resource banks have appeared that facilitate their implementation , although it requires professionalism and your related to their own resources to know how to use them correctly. The “frosted glass” or glasmorphism effect is also going to come in strong. This consists of making some elements visually appear as if they were glass , combining transparency, movement and blur to give a sensation of depth and space to the website, or in other words, a 3D effect. It will be very common to see this effect in fields such as forms or images because it helps highlight elements and guarantee their readability. WE CONTINUE TO BET ON IMAGE AND COLOR Web design,

If the Colors Don’t Match or Stun the Audience

work with freely, since that subtlety and sincerity in the line will increase page visits. Finally, image backgrounds break the paradigms that we cannot place text on a photograph. Of course, the models that move between realism and minimalism go with appropriate backgrounds so as not to overload the website. And if we add infinite scrolling to this, our users will be able to have a great experience reading and browsing through our website, imitating what they do on mobile. MICROINTERACTIONS It refers to small animations that capture  business lead   customers’ attention and provide them with information. For example, one of the most used for a long time is the color change of a link when a user places the mouse cursor over it. For this new year,

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business lead

specifically colors and typography  BY Lists , can affect your conversion rate. If the colors don’t match or stun the audience, the bounce rate will increase significantly. It is better to have a simple, productive and responsive website than to lose hundreds of customers. In addition, the color will also frequently be seen linked to geometric figures that stand out and in duotones. The common no longer sells like before, now innovations are presente    d as great ideas that attract visitors and make money . The Spotify and Mailchimp websites are clear examples of the correct use of colors to convey a message. web design trends 2023 Drawing will once again have a leading

Book Fair or in a related event, it would be advisable to

David Díaz has explainhow to get a good profile photo at zero cost thanks to two applications. Removegb: Allows  Book Fair or you to put a good background on any photo you have on your mobile. Snappr Photo Analyzer: objectively add notes of all the aspects that neto be modifixin your photo, such as composition, saturation, distance, etc. linkedin profile photo What to avoid by putting in your profile photo: The photo on the border: We do not have to show that we have been students, what we want is to work and, to do so, the photo has to show professionalism. The #OPENTOWORK: This does not affect the positioning of your profile in any way. Recruiters do not prioritize this factor when searching for a person, but instead focu

You Work in the World of Book Publishing and Have

Related to their professional Business Database business database   experience : If, for example, you work in the world of book publishing and have worked at the Book Fair or in a relat event, it would be advisable to select that photo. Tips: If you want to put the logo of your current company, the best location is at the bottom right in small form, so that it does not stand out much and does not downplay the personal brand of the person themselves. Some free resources   that can help you make the montages are Canva or Klipartz. The dimension of the background image must be 1584×396 PROFESSIONAL HOLDER One of the things that you have to keep in mind is that putting

LinkedIn professional headline that you are a student

BY Lists

yourself in the LinkedIn professional headline that you are a student does not position anything. “You have 120 characters to sell yourself, put your first and last name, what you study (which is not the same as saying that you are a student) and your specialty Do you know which 2023 web design trends are here to stay? The sector has evolved so much in recent years that more and more companies are competing to have a

business database  good design on their website in order to be able to show themselves to their niche customers and give them confidence. Web designers find themselves in a time where they not only have to pay attention to what is visually attractive or

Dirección de Eventos y Protocolo

influence that do not correspond  Dirección de to reality and that can be a deception for brands, even though they have moved the focus from large accounts to more localized ones. Specifically, Yeyo Ballesteros is a teacher of our Official Master’s Degree in Public Image, Event Management and Protocol, teaching the subject of reputational crisis management, social networks and influencers, a truly necessary topic for anyone who wants to delve deeper into Corporate Communication. Angela de  FacebookTwitterLinkedInWhatsApp LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, so it is essential to know how to

professional relationships, access companies

manage it. It allows you to create new professional relationships, access companies, increase the chances of success in job offers… However, many people find it difficult to find the exact steps to achieve all this and the task becomes even more complex when we talk about young people. And one of the great concerns of students on LinkedIn is the fact of going out into the world of work without having professional experience. For this reason, David Díaz Robisco, expert and trainer on LinkedIn, has given an #ENyDOpenclass

to show  b2b leads  how to be more visible both in the job market and in entrepreneurship projects. And, 87% of companies review the social networks of job candidates, according to Adecco. “If I already know that they are going to

To pay attention to what is visually attractive or functional

b2b leads

reflected. To do this, you have to know well the parts that make up the profile of this professional social network. ESSENTIAL PARTS OF A STUDENT PROFILE ON LINKEDIN PROFILE PICTURE The most important thing to keep in mind is to reflect your personality. Look at the camera: The face must appear close up in the photo. Distance: Head and shoulders (maximum elbows). Dress as you do at work: If  BY Lists  you are a computer scientist, do not appear in a suit because it will not be your day-to-day uniform. If, for example, you are looking for an administrative job, it is recommended to appear in the photo with a jacket and tie. Furthermore,