Chicken or not chicken McDonald’s launches the McChicken

McDonald’s , the most famous fast food chain of all. Has taken the most controversial debate as the center of its new campaign: “Chicken” or “not chicken.” Although the Big Mac recipe has been the same for more than five decades. Now the chicken Big Mac is born . This variation will be exported to the rest of the world in 2022. Following its success in the United States and the United Kingdom. The fun spot titled “Space” has been created by the advertising agency TBWA PARIS . This marks the arrival of the chicken Big Mac to France .

Incredible public demand" in British branches.

The meat burger that arrived at the top industry data chain in 1968, and is already a McDonald’s icon. So this bet made with chicken may be a source of controversy. The variation of the classic burger debuted in 2017 in Australia . As part of a limited edition menu. Tt arrived in the UK that same year. McDonald’s had to temporarily withdraw it due to “incredible in British . This 30-second spot shows two astronauts positioning themselves in the debate. In a fight that can be heard across space. They decide which is better : with or without chicken.

Original Big Mac or Chicken Big Mac the endless debate

At the end of the ad you can read “Original BY Lists the debate.” David Philip, creator of the campaign. Declared that “in France we love to debate. Even about the little things. So imagine about a topic as important as food. He highlights that this taste is even greater when the debate is about a product as iconic as the Big Mac . “We thought it would be funny to show how even people furthest from the product will debate vigorously.” Philip adds in relation to astronauts. Who ignore the beauty of the moon when they wonder if it is allowed to add chicken to the Big Mac or not .

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