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means code. Pseudocode or pseudo code can be interpreted . As a description of a programming algorithm that is written simply compared to the syntax of a programming language. The goal is to make it easier for humans to read and understand. It is not a programming language, because a programming language must have rules for writing its code. Meanwhile, pseudocode itself does not have specific or standard rules for writing it, therefore it is not categorized as a programming language. You can create this pseudocode before starting to write syntax with a programming language. This aims to give you an idea of the flow of the program that will be created.

Function Apart from making

It easier for humans to understand, especially programmers, pseudocode also has other functions. Here are the functions: Can be used as a tool for documentation. To simplify the translation process into a programming language. Can be used for the process of finding an idea without having to think about the implementation of a special programming language. It is easier whatsapp number list to develop the applications created. Pseudocode notation After knowing the meaning and function of pseudocode, you also need to know what notation is used to understand the process that occurs. The following are some of the notations. INPUT Used to show the process of entering variable content. OUTPUT Used to show the output process that occurs. WHILE Used for a loop that has an initial iteration. FOR Used for an iterative calculation loop. REPEAT – UNTIL Used for a loop that has an end condition.

IF – THEN – ELSE Used to make

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A decision from several conditions. Suggestions for writing pseudo code In writing pseudocode, there are no definite rules, but the writing must be clear and logical. Here are some suggestions for those of you who want to write pseudo code: Write specifically and consistently Write your pseudocode specifically and consistently. Consistency here lies in the use of upper and lower case letters. You can use capital letters for command codes, for example IF, ELSE, and THEN. This BY Lists can help you when you write program code later so that you don’t get confused about differentiating notations and notated components. Use indents. Although using indents in pseudocode is not required, use indents to make it easier for you to read notations such as if, for, and while. You also need to know, this indentation is very influential in several programming languag.

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