What are the main benefits of publishing content at scale

In classic marketing, brand awareness is a qualitative measure. Of how much and how your consumers remember your brand or the solution you offer within a certain sector . In Digital Marketing in general and in SEO in particular. The awareness that the public has about the. Usefulness of our brand and its incredible ability to solve their problem is manifested in another way: in the times it appears in the search results. The consumer searches for you on the engines. Because they interpret that your company has authority on a particular topic that interests them and. They begin to recognize you as the brand that has the answers they need.

User experience

Every Digital Marketing professional must top people data focus on user experience . That’s why we’re seeing major changes to Google’s guidelines that are already making websites around the world adapt. In this sense, we also have to design our content thinking about perfecting navigation, comfort and usability . Good navigability also makes the work of search engine robots easier and increases the time spent by visitors to your website. One search leads to others and the depth offered by a publication can generate more specific questions. 

How to scale content production

First of all, it is important BY lists to understand how. The entire creation operation takes place. It is necessary to separate this work into the different phases that. Constitute it and design a process so that the entire activity can be carried out accurately. When writing a post, for example, it is very common for this activity. To be understood only as the “act of writing a text. The main goals of documenting steps include understanding how your. Production actually works, controlling it more precisely. And facilitating the delegation of responsibilities, which is essential to enable scalability .

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