What tools to use for content inventory

We selected some tools that can help you automate the content inventory production process. Search engine optimization, among other improvements. Buzz sumo is a versatile tool that integrates the Content Marketing strategy with those of social networks. Buzz sumo software is based on specific keywords and helps in planning. Content on top performing topics and formats on the website. Despite being a WordPress SEO plugin , Yoast SEO is one of the most complete tools for you to use in your CMS . This tool creates sitemaps in XML. An essential element for indexing pages by search engines.

SEO Site Checkup

The tool indicates the requirements and email database generates reports with critical problems for the analysis and their alterations. Additionally, it creates HTML sitemaps , which can help you list content for verification. With Google Analytics. You can gain insight into traffic and keyword trends through. Reports that connect user actions to website conversions. You can view pages on the site that are performing best. In terms of dwell time and click-through and view rates. 

SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook

SEO Audit Tool by Content Look is another BY lists WordPress plugin that. Provides detailed analysis based on. Traffic, backlinks, SEO requirements, social relevance signals. And web authority. After verification, the user can run corrections to improve the site’s performance in search engines. Amazon’s Alexa Site Audit helps resolve. Technical issues that may compromise your site’s relevance in SERPs . In addition, it provides keyword suggestions and backlink reports based on search data from the tool itself and also generates a step-by-step process for correcting any problems found.

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