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companies with high turnover volumes throughShopify Plus version. On the contrary, Magento is more suitable for stores with tens of thousands of references. Site performance With Shopify the server’s transmission bandwidth is unlimited and is automatically adjusted depending on the accesses generated, while in the case of Magento in the presence of a traffic peak it is advisable to have a good systems engineer at hand with a plan B so as not to have problems to

That Drives a B2b User and a B2c User into the

the site. Apps and plugins: how to integrate new features into the shop For years, Magento Marketplace has presented a great variety of solutions that allow you to integrate functions for the shop from scratch, with costs usually linked only to the purchase of the module and the expert who takes care of the insta  business database   llation. Shopify, on the other hand, has a younger App Store but with a growing number of apps continuously integrated by developers, to allow features to be added to the store. The various applications are managed with the payment of monthly fees

More Complex. Motivation Behind the Marketing

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