The Digital Marketing Interview

One of the most popular questions i get from the people i work with is this: ‘how can i ace an interview and get the job?!’ while interviewing isn’t an exact science. Candidates tell me that the advice i provide them with has result in their best interviews ever. Almost always resulting in selection to the next round of interviews. The key to my advice is the more you practice. The better you will perform on the big day. But what does this mean specifically for digital marketers? What are the key areas to focus on in an interview? While traditional interviews are still very much the norm.

A recent global recruitment report

A recent global recruitment report suggests that soft skills assessment and meetings in casual environments are being increasingly us to assess a candidate’s suitability from a cultural fit point of view (online interviews are also becoming more popular). In addition. And significantly for digital marketers. Artificial intelligence comes into play. Don’t be surpris if you start to see chatbots conducting interviews in the near future! As marketers you’ll be expect to be good at presenting your thoughts and ideas. To be quick-thinking

Why choose dmi

And to be well-rehears. It’s also wise to research the industry press to keep an eye on competitors and industry trends that you can weave into the conversation. I prepare people every day for career-defining interviews. So have a very good understanding of what is expect from prospective employees. Bas on my years of knowlge and experience. I’ve detail below four of the most important areas to focus on. To secure the dream job you’re going for. Why choose dmi? 1. Know your cv and tell it like a story it all starts with your cv. Your cv is effectively your career story. So. As you look back through your history. Pick out highlights that you’ll enjoy talking about in an interview and that are relevant to the role you’re applying for.

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