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For you to translate it into program code. Structure In general, pseudocode has three constituent parts. These parts consist of: Title As the name suggests, this section is used to indicate the title of the algorithm that will be written by the programmer. Declaration This declaration contains information such as variables or constants used in writing the algorithm. Algorithm This algorithm contains the process or commands or steps of the algorithm. It can be interpreted as the essence of pseudocode. You can write all processes in this section, such as conditional processes (if/else), loops (for), or operations (addition, subtraction, etc.). Do you know the structure and parts of pseudocode? So, now we will give you an example so that you have an idea of what pseudo code looks like. The following is an example of pseudo program code to determine odd and even.Example of odd-even program pseudocode.

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About pseudo code. Are you interested in starting to make your own? Always keep in mind the suggestions given for writing pseudo code. Don’t make it difficult for yourself in the process of writing program code. Wait for the next article, stay enthusiastic and keep learning. Get to Know Pseudocode for Beginner Developers – end Also read the following selected articles. Learn C Programming whatsapp data Language For Beginners What is Coding? Explanation for Beginners Difference between Coding and Programming After distributing more than 38,000 scholarships to study coding in Basic and Beginner classes and 1,500 scholarships to study coding in Intermediate classes in 6 main study streams, Indosat Ooredoo Digital Camp 2021 will also provide 475 scholarships to study coding in Advanced classes. Today we have selected Intermediate class graduates in the Machine Learning Developer learning .

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To the next stage, namely in the Advanced class, based on the best graduation rating and learning progress of 50 participants. The list of selected participants to receive the 2021 IDCamp. Advanced class scholarship in the Machine Learning .  We will distribute email announcements of recipients as well as scholarship tokens for the Applied Machine BY Lists Learning class via email on Thursday, September 23 2021 at a maximum of 23.59 WIB. In doing this, you will again receive online mentoring sessions from selected facilitators until the end of each advanced class. Happy learning, fellow Indonesian developers. Don’t waste this opportunity to create your best portfolio! Let’s together improve the quality of programming in Indonesia. For those of you who haven’t been selected, don’t be discouraged. There are still many ways to become a great developer in the future.

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