Most Common Scary Story in the World of Digital

The sequence of events that I am going to tell you about below is very common. If you decided to start a business a long time ago, you will surely see your image reflected here. If you just got it, believe me, the most normal thing is that it happens to you. Fear leads us to deny ourselves that better life we ​​seek As a general rule, when we. Most Common decide to start a business, we do it because we want to get away from that cliché “job, salary, mortgage, ugh”. We are seduced by the idea of ​​time and geographic freedom, self-management, working when we want, doing what we like, having time for the family and also to play sports and finally making that damn ass hard that no matter how hard we squeeze it on the stairs.

Mechanics of the mall

El cabronis is ready to paint it orange and jello to the song. Yes or no? So we tell ourselves: I’m going to start a business and in 6 months I’ll open nuts with executive data a gluterian blow . Or gluterine, depending on how you look at it. Now you understand me. And then we launched. But as soon as we start, fears emerge: of failure, of not earning enough money, of not selling what is necessary, of making mistakes and of criticism… of everything that can push us to back down (eh? Hahaha) and return to our old ways. Past life. And do you know what happens when we are afraid? That we tend to control. 

Most Common We tried to do everything

We worked very hard because, well, at least not because we had been enjoying ourselves . So stress begins to take on more and more prominence , more and more By Lists presence in our lives, exhausting us and leading us to a feeling of frustration, loneliness and tiredness . And yes, the ass gets hard, because it merges with an improvised office chair. [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]We leave our previous life in search of a better one but the fear of not achieving it leads us.

To a situation that is even worse than the one we have abandoned. Wow true. Does it sound familiar to you?[/piopialo] When we realize it, it’s already too late At this point we realize that we have been doing it wrong, that we need help and that we must leave behind that arrogance (I can do everything) and that false need to do everything and spend (invest) the.

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