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Sellers improve may turn out that they will soon find a panacea. That will make all sellers breathe a sigh of relief. However, it is no less important for people involve. In online trading to keep up with the times and start working. On mobile solutions and adapt to the ongoing mobile-first revolution see also how to increase sales on mobile. When analyzing your website’s performance, you need to look at it from two dimensions. Googlebot-centric performance. Check if the server can handle intensive crawling by Googlebot. Remember that if the robot notices that your website is running slowly.

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It will stop indexing it in the search engine. User-centric performance Focus on improving the page loading speed on the user’s mobile device so that it works smoothly and the recipient has no problem performing actions quickly. Both of the above Photo Retouching dimensions can impact your SEO efforts. Therefore, make sure that your server responds quickly and that the user does not suffer from unnecessary delays on the website. What steps should you take to avoid being left behind in the revolution? The answer lies in solutions design in accordance with the mobile-first principle. Progressive Web Apps ( PWA ) are the most important aspect in this development.

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This new technology is fully adapt to Google’s mobile-first indexing. It speeds up your website’s loading time and improves its search results. It also allows you to select a number of functions tailor to mobile devices, e.g. home screen icons, offline mode, or push BY Lists notifications. All this increases the involvement of mobile users and increases the efficiency of your business. PWAs are compatible with Google Page Speed ​​indexing. Therefore, stores that implement this technology will maintain high results in search rankings without additional costs for the CPC campaign.

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