Big factory employees are stuck in OKR

Zhang Yixing gave a speech titled “Management must respect human nature. CEO must avoid rational conceit” and introduced OKR into the domestic. Internet circle for the first time Prior to this giants such as. Intel and Google have already used it in management. Zhang Yixing said “We make the management’s OKR open to subordinate. Employees so that everyone knows what they are doing why they are doing this, and what people in other departments are doing. The OKR formulation process is not decomposed from top to bottom. It’s about everyone aligning themselves with each other.” Fully implement the bytes of OKR, and become a first-line giant in just a few years.

There are a lot of OKR slots

For a while, major Internet companies such as Tencent, Baidu, Ali, Kuaishou, and Maiduan introduced OKR one after another, seeing it as a panacea for solving organizational management problems. However, to this day, the byte that most respects OKR has also experienced Bolivia Phone Number List redundancy, changing the bimonthly formulation and review of OKR to quarterly execution. Liang Rubi said frankly in the internal letter that most of the company’s businesses are relatively mature and complex now, and the bimonthly changes are not obvious, and the review cycle can be longer. Other large factories have also gradually reduced the proportion of OKR in management assessment.

Things that are within the scope of work but have nothing to do with your OKR are bad

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Employees generally believe that OKR is a mere formality and has little difference from KPI. How did OKR, which was promoted to a high position, fall to the altar? Is OKR really unacceptable in China? Shangyinshe interviewed a number of employees of the big factory, trying to restore the BY Lists truth about the OKR of the big factory. Internet giant OKR awards OKR is Objective and Key Results. It is a method of setting goals. Its standard structure is O+KRs. “O” (goal) means “what do I want to achieve”; and “KR” key result) answers “How to achieve the goal how to measure whether the goal is achieved”. Since 2017, it has also been promoted in China’s major Internet companies.