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sparty has finished Most of the defending their positions. “To perfect our capacity for empathy, it is advisable that we take an interest in the person or people in front of us, know their culture, their hobbies, their life circumstances, understand their needs and objectives. Only then can we put ourselves in their place,” advises the speaker. THE EEPPAA MODEL: HOW TO SUCCEED IN ANY NEGOTIATION It is a universal negotiation model that allows any negotiation to be successful by following these simple steps: Listen: Being attentive to listening to who we have to negotiate

That Urgency or Importance Is for Others but Not for You.

with allows us to generate more trust in ourselves, facilitating our requests. Empathy: Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. It is a plus point to understand the needs of the other party. Even more important is being able to generate empathy in others. Questions: Asking is essential to clarify, delve into details and find alternatives that will lead our negotiation to success. Questions  business lead  generate possibilities. Proposal: Proposing means putting in favor, making agreements begin to materialize. We can also make a proposal to change the conditions of the negotiation. It is up to us how and for what purpose we make our proposal. Agreement :

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A negotiation without agreements is not a negotiation. Remember to make clear to all parties the commitments, times and conditions you want to negotiate. Always try to get it in writing to ensure a backup of your agreement. Actions: Once everything is formalized, we have to take action, avoiding procras      tination BY  Lists  and loss of commitment. It is important to monitor from the beginning the times established to meet the objectives and monitor to see that everything is being carried out. HOW TO SAY ‘NO’ AND BE MORE PRODUCTIVE A co-worker asks you to

Person’s Time and Energy the Project

commander of the Allied army to prioritize in battle which tasks required his immediate action and which he could delegate or postpone. Since then, this matrix has become one of the most used tools in decision-making within the world of business and companies due to its simplicity and effectiveness. This matrix has two axes: On the horizontal X axis of URGENCY, which refers to the need for a task to be performed immediately or if we can postpone it. On the vertical Y axis of IMPORTANCE, which indicates whether said task is related to achieving our main objectives or not. The combination of urgency and importance of a task is what determines

He Type of Action You Should Take with

tes require your attention. Because if you do it well, it will allow you to dedicate yourself to what is important but not urgent, which is usually what will give you greater professional and personal growth. Therefore, the key lies in PLANNING and BLOCKING TIME to act. People who have achieved high professional and personal performance try to spend most of their time in the ‘important but not urgent’ zone, planning and determining when they will accomplish those tasks while also doing the current task. THE NEGOTIATION Negotiation  b2b email listis  a process of exchanging information and commitments in which two or more parties who have common and divergent interests try to reach an agreement. “Negotiation usually takes place in the form of dialogue

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between the parties, where each party has an interest in what the other party has or can offer, but is not willing to accept all of its conditions,” explains the speaker. In this way, each party seeks to get the other to give up something in order to reach a point of agreement acceptable to both. TYPES OF NEGOTIATION There are 5 types BY  Lists  of negotiation according to the attitude adopted by the negotiator, the objectives and the circumstances in which each case occurs. Accommodative: It is put into practice when one of the parties assumes the position of loser to

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position or position in Your Most  the company , defining a priori a suppos superiority or inferiority due to the fact of occupying a hierarchical order. learn to negotiate “In the case of the negotiator with a higher position in the company, he will feel justifi in demanding; The negotiator with a lower position usually shows weakness and submission for fear of dismissal, in such a way that his negotiation maneuver will be limitor nullifi,” clarifies Pietro Carollo. 3. GENERATE

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CREATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT PRODUCE MUTUAL BENEFITS In a creative negotiation, negotiators spend time brainstorming to consider a wide range of possible options before choosing the best one. It is very useful to keep an open mind to possibilities, perhaps unscheled, that can resolve the negotiation in a way advantageous for both parties. 4. USE OBJECTIVE CRITERIA Negotiators rely on objective (indisputable) criteria to resolve their differences. For example, they migh   business email list  t agree to adhere to standards such as market value, expert opinion, industry protocol, or legislation. In this sense, “ it is important that the parties agree in advance what objective criteria they will consult and accept the result derived from them. The

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e objectives must necessarily be independent of the will of the parties involved, be legitimate and at the same time practical,” says Pietro. YOU MAY BE INTEREST IN: 10 KEYS TO SUCCEED IN A NEGOTIATION 5. HAVE EMPATHY It is one of the most difficult skills to find because it is part of one’s own personality, although it can and must be acquired and perfected. We understand empathy as the ability to see issues as the other sees them, from their position and circumstance. It is BY  Lists not necessary to assume their point of view, but it is necessary to understand why they think that way, what leads them to that behavior. In any negotiation, empathetic people have an advantage because they have come a long way before the opposing

Will Require. Study Your Agenda Well and

obtain superior results in the future. The negotiator (loser) accepts all the conditions of the counterparty in order to establish a future relationship. Probably in a future negotiation his power will increase and he will demand that some of his conditions be met. Competitive : It is about ensuring that the greatest number of conditions are accepted in the negotiation. You compete with your counterpart trying to impose your position. This type of negotiation is also called win-lose. Collaborative: Negotiators are willing to give up most of their conditions in order

That Seems Urgent or Important

to reach an agreement favorable to both parties. In this case, the negotiator is more empathetic with his counterpart’s point of view and seeks to make the relationship mutually beneficial. This type of negotiation is also called win-win. Compromise: It is about negotiating superficially in order to continue the relationship, but without resolving all the points in conflict. In other words, it is a “patch” agreement to move forward, b2b leads  but which postpones the solution to the conflict. Avoidant : It is put into practice when one of the parties considers that they will not obtain the benefits expected in the agreement. Therefore, one of the parties’ negotiators tries to adopt a

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position of inaction and decides not to negotiate. In reality, a lose-lose situation occurs. 5 TECHNIQUES FOR EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATION 1. SEPARATE PEOPLE FROM THE PROBLEMS BEING NEGOTIATED We must be very clear that when negotiating we are not dealing with people, but with problems. Look for an agreement that meets the needs of everyone involved, leaving aside BY  Lists  emotional and personality issues. 2. FOCUS ATTENTION ON THE INTERESTS OF THE PARTIES AND NOT ON THE POSITIONS THEY OCCUPY A very common mistake when negotiating with someone is to consider the person based on their

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look at my social networks, Ballesteros es why not have them well prepared? “It is not enough to be a very good person, you also have to demonstrate it so that others see your professional worth,” explains the expert on LinkedIn. ON LINKEDIN, THE VALUE YOU RECEIVE IS PROPORTIONAL TO THE VALUE YOU OFFER TO YOUR COMMUNITY. There are many opportunities to progress professi   onally, but you have to value yourself, be confident when communicating, have a circle of trust… All of this must be shown on your LinkedIn profile because each company will be looking for something in particular from you and it has to be

David Díaz has explained how to get a good profile photo at zero

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David Díaz has explain how to  business email list  get a good profile photo at zero cost thanks to two applications. Removegb: Allows you to put a good background on any photo you have on your mobile. Snappr Photo Analyzer: objectively add notes of all the aspects that neto be modifiin your photo, such as composition, saturation, distance, etc. linkin profile photo What to avoid by putting in your profile photo: The photo on the border: We do not have to show that we have been students, what we want is to work   and, to do so, the photo has to show professionalism. The #OPENTOWORK: This does not affect the positioning of your profile in any way. Recruiters do not prioritize this factor when searching for a person, but instead focu

David Díaz has explained how to get a good

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on searching by keywords. BACKGROUND IMAGE Many times we don’t know what to put in our LinkIn profile background image and we leave it blank. However, we have to know that this aspect is a good way to advertise, so we must take advantage of it. Some options: Put a photo from an image bank: We have to try to make that photo reflect something about us, that defines us and provides information. If a phrase is also add, the better. Add contact information: This is very interesting for promoting yourself. BY Lists  We can put our name and position, telephone number… Assembly: Another very good option is to put together a collage with motifs relatto your hobbies, work, studies… Photo of the person themselves doing something

These Are the Web Design Trends 2023

The application of 3d elements in web design will be very notable, whether with objects. Such as animations or illustrations that make the website more modern and digital. In addition, 3d resource banks have appeared that facilitate. Their implementation , although it requires professionalism and your own resources to know how to use them correctly.

The “frosted glass” or glasmorphism. Effect is also going to come in strong. This consists of making some elements visually appear as if they were glass , combining transparency, movement and blur to give a sensation. Of depth and space to the website, or in other words, a 3d effect. It will be very common to see this effect in fields such as forms or images. Because it helps highlight elements and guarantee their readability.

3d elements and glasmorphism

Do you know which 2023 web design trends are here to stay.? The sector has evolved so b2b email list much in recent years that more. And more companies are competing to have a good design on their website in order to be able to show themselves to their niche customers and give them confidence.

Web designers find themselves in a time where they not only have. To pay attention to what is visually attractive or functional, but. They also have to connect emotionally with people. To do this, they are implementing updates in aspects such as fonts or colors. And incorporating new techniques such as micro interactions, virtual reality or glasmorphism.

Web design trends 2023

In this article, we are going to learn about some of the techniques and visual. Styles that BY Lists will help you design an attractive and modern website so that any company can appear as a great showcase on the internet!

Custom cursors
Although we are used to using the traditional white pointer as a cursor, in 2023 we are. Committed to innovation and many websites will present personalized cursors, with a differentiating appearance that makes it unique. Larger, colored, shaped cursors… You just have to keep in mind that the design of the chosen cursor matches the appearance of the website.

Your Passport to Product Excellence

Brands can exploit the endowment effect Your Passport. For their own benefit, fueling the feeling of ownership among consumers even before making the purchase. Giving the customer the opportunity to try on sunglasses virtually is an example of a practical application of the endowment effect. 5. IKEA effect We appreciate things more when we have invested our time, our sweat and even our tears in them.

Assemble it themselves

IKEA knows this Your Passport well and that is why the furniture sold by the famous category email list Swedish brand encourages the consumer to get down to work and assemble it themselves. “Doing something for yourself spurs purchasing power,” Modemann said. In the universe of online marketing, the IKEA effect can take shape by treating the customer to different experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

Brand in which they Your Passport have decided

An example would be guiding the BY Lists consumer through a catalog of questions. Your Passport in which they must spend a few minutes before the brand in which. They have decided to place their trust suggests the “perfect product.” Why Catchy. Slogans Aren’t Necessarily the Most Memorable (and Vice Versa) Esther Lastra Written by Esther Lastra.

Elevate Your Product Game Plan

In the universe of marketing, the Carpenter effect Endowment effect The endowment effect can prove to be particularly useful when it comes to showing products in use. And it also works with calls to action. “It is important to be visual,” Modemann stressed. Phrases that deliberately urge the consumer to take action (“Take the first step,” for example) are also very useful. 3. Mental accounting Mental accounting means that we have different.

Choose to put a Elevate Your particular purchase

Willingness to pay for certain products industry email list depending on the context in which we find ourselves and the “mental box” in which we choose to put a particular purchase. “Mental accounting mitigates the pain of paying,” Modemann said. And precisely for this reason, paying 4 euros for a beer at a gas station seems like an abuse, but we willingly pay it in a bar where we have met with our friends. Mental accounting can prove to be particularly useful for brands using the framing technique.

Endowment effect The endowment effect

A protein shake can be presented, for BY Lists example, as a mere food, as a product beneficial to health, as a supplement for athletes or as a lifestyle experience. 4. Endowment effect The endowment effect specifically refers to the emotional tendency to view an item as more valuable when we own that item. “We automatically attribute more value to things that belong to us,” Modemann noted. “And the longer we have owned something, the stronger this effect becomes,” he added.

Unleash Your Product Potential

In this sense, it is absolutely vital to “understand what is Unleash. Your happening in the subconscious of your target audience. She stressed. In his speech at OMR dissected 5 psychological keys to “doing marketing on steroids. Social proof. The best way to get a consumer interested in a particular product is to see how other people already enjoy (and recommend) that product.

User Unleash Your generated content

Influencers are the best example of the extraordinary top industry data power of social proof. However, ordinary people can also assert the power of social proof. ” User-generated content” , born from the consumer’s personal experiences with brands’ products and services, enjoys a lot of popularity on social networks. “The more similar the creator is to your brand’s target audience, the more powerful the content they generate will  stated.

Moves people to unconsciously replicate that movement

Carpenter Effect According to the Carpenter BY Lists effect. (Also known as the ideomotor effect), observing a movement causes a tendency. That moves people to unconsciously replicate that movement. Athletes often rely on the Carpenter effect (named after the British doctor. William Benjamin Carpenter) to visualize in advance in their heads the competition they are about to face.