People are in the workplace longing for a weekend break

After “996 is a blessing”, “Saturday is a working day for strugglers” has once again come to the fore. Recently, an internal email of a certain company was exposed. In the document, a senior executive proposed, “Based on the striver, Saturday is the normal working day of the striver. For executive leaders, it must be a normal working day. Please find a way ( Avoid legal risks); learn from the Huawei spirit, let the strugglers work hard, and don’t let the strugglers suffer! Find a way from the mechanism.” After the incident fermented, the executive responded, “The e-mail request is not for ordinary employees, but to inspire employees who are willing to work hard, encourage them to struggle, and at the same time not let them suffer.

On the surface, “big and small weeks” are actually on call at any time, and only take 5 days of annual leave a year

The intention is not to squeeze employees.” However, for “avoiding legal risks”, the Executives did not explain. However, speculation about “executives implying employees to work overtime on Saturdays” is still rampant. This matter has also sparked discussions among workers who work on a single-day break. According to their experiences, not only car Philippines Phone Number List companies, but also Internet companies, auditing industries, construction industries, etc. have a more or less one-time working system, and some even He said that in his city, weekends are a rare species, while single days and big and small weeks (one week, one week, two days) are the majority. Sheeran found 6 professionals who have worked on a single break, and listened to them talk about their imbalance and struggle under this mechanism. Some people chose to leave, while others gradually accepted .

Single rest and overtime work for three consecutive years resulted in overwork and obesity, and he looked radiant after resignation

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King a single break is a hypocritical appearance, and they feel that they take one day off every week, but psychologically and spiritually, they have no real sense of rest at all. What is even more painful is that the work can be done within five days, but it takes an extra day to work, so some people choose to spend the Saturday when they have to go to work by fishing. Moreover, companies BY Lists that take single-day breaks as their basic working mechanism generally default to no overtime pay, no mental rest, no income in their wallets, and double the pressure of single-day workers. Discussions about how to be an efficient, humane and happy working system have never stopped. After “996”, single breaks, weekly breaks, and monthly breaks still exist, and people in the workplace seem to have been “internal friction” in different ways.