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The patent consist  They end up with very full concerts, but I’m us to the old way. Social networks have certainly chang the world, even for the better. Mimmo D’Alessandro Music promoter Thus a new professional figure was born who supports the singer in the use of social mia and is the social mia manager . His job is to work closely with the singer and plan his presence online. He will guide the artist to create close contact with his audience through the publication of exclusive videos, photos with fans, backstage concerts and so on.

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Finds himself planning not only his own concerts seo expate bd but also his presence on social networks. The new musical social networks Thanks to these new platforms, singers, managers and record companies have understood that to maintain success, greater interaction between the singer himself and his fans is necessary. New social networks are therefore emerging that allow this proximity to a greater extent. Smule, for example, is a mobile application and at the same time a real social network that puts aspiring singers of all levels in contact with their idols, allowing them to create a real duet via a web cam and a microphone.

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People from all over the world were able to BY Lists duet with famous singers such as Drake, Charlie Puth, Lukas Graham, Mike Posner, Jason Derulo, Shawn Mendes, Sarah McLachlan, Jessie J and others, realizing a dream that previously seem unachievable. Another example is Fans which defines itself as: the social network for real fans . On this site, which is also a mobile app , each user builds their own profile by choosing their favorite singers and selecting the concerts they have attend from a database of millions of live shows stag in recent decades. You can upload photos, videos, write comments and interact with users.

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