Map your materials to ensure the performance

Content inventory is a process of systematically reviewing the materials on your website. Its main action is to make a list of the pieces that have already. Been published to analyze the characteristics and elements that can be optimized in relation to the quality of information and. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements. The content inventory is one of the key elements of a. Content Marketing strategy. Since it guides a crucial stage for the quality of the results: production planning. 

Why make a content inventory

The planning and review stage is essential job function email list for Content Marketing. You must evaluate what can be improved and enhance what really works in your strategy. To achieve your visibility and conversion goals . inhibit the duplication of topics and the. Repetition. Of content formats to improve the user experience and the diversity of keywords on which you can base your productions. Identify the strong points of your strategy to invest more in pieces that really bring good results. 

How to make a blog content inventory

It is possible to carry out a content BX Leads audit manually, in an Excel spreadsheet , but this process will be extremely complex. To speed up the task, you can count on technology: there is inventory and content audit software , which in addition to automating the entire process, produces data for analysis of results. The software optimizes the entire workflow management. At each stage of production, you can provide relevant information to serve as a basis for the creation of the piece and improve the features according to the brand strategy and SEO requirements .

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