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This button allows Export Sales Navigator leads for free In this part we talk about lead searches. But what if you want to export account searches? The same technique can be appli. How To Split Account Searches? Two techniques to split Sales Navigator account searches: Use search filters Use account lists 1. Use Search Filters In this example we will use a 4.5K account search with 3 fitlers. split sales navigator account search To split Sales Navigator account searches you can use: Company Headcount Headquarter Location Industry.

Number of Followers

Company Headcountthere is a simple seo expate bd way to split the search as the “Number of Followers” perfectly split the search perfectly. Most of the time that will work with small searches. splt account searches followers For larger you can use the “Company Headcount Growth” filter that will always allow you to split the search no matter the size. we can split like this: All the companies with a negative growth rate (-100% to 0) All the companies within 1-10% All the companies above 10% (11% to 100%) split department headcount growth.

seo expate bd

If your list is really large

You simply ne to split into smaller chunks. 2. Use BY Lists  Account Lists You can also split your account searches by creating Account list.  First you add all the available search into an account list. You can add up to 999 account to a list so that’s almost perfect. Create sales navigator account list Then exclude the list from your search results using Account Lists > Your List > Exclude. exclude account list from search results Then build a new list of 999 accounts. Repeat the process until it remains less than 1000 accounts in your search results. stop spliting sales navigator This process is efficient but a bit painful as you ne to manuallyadd all the account in lists  per.

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