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By analyzing the customer and their willingness to pay a premium price. the tool dynamically recommends profitable prices in your online marketplaces.  Plus. its robust data visualization and analysis module tells you how price adjustments affect your business. Not to mention. you can also create various eCommerce pricing models by including data on competitive situations. seasonal changes. and demand status.

AI-powered suggestions This tool offers of product markdowns

Harnesses the power of machine learning and predictive analytics within its advanced analytics engine. Your retail AI allows you to predict the impacts of latest database  pricing decisions. You can then easily create recommendations for highly profitable pricing.

With Retalon. you can eliminate the process of relying on historical prices and sales data to create a pricing model for the future. Plus. you can avoid costly price battles with the competition. Additionally. Retalon helps you avoid eroding your margins through unplanned sales and promotions.

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Real-time monitoring of market demand and supply

Retalon’s state-of-the-art retail price optimization  BY Lists engine considers a multitude of factors that were previously unaccounted for. Thus. it offers truly optimal prices for each individual product at each location. Retailers can easily adapt the system to their own needs using Retalon’s intuitive business rules. Are you looking for a price intelligence service that can easily generate the following price data for your competitors’ products and services?

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