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position or position in Your Most  the company , defining a priori a suppos superiority or inferiority due to the fact of occupying a hierarchical order. learn to negotiate “In the case of the negotiator with a higher position in the company, he will feel justifi in demanding; The negotiator with a lower position usually shows weakness and submission for fear of dismissal, in such a way that his negotiation maneuver will be limitor nullifi,” clarifies Pietro Carollo. 3. GENERATE

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CREATIVE SOLUTIONS THAT PRODUCE MUTUAL BENEFITS In a creative negotiation, negotiators spend time brainstorming to consider a wide range of possible options before choosing the best one. It is very useful to keep an open mind to possibilities, perhaps unscheled, that can resolve the negotiation in a way advantageous for both parties. 4. USE OBJECTIVE CRITERIA Negotiators rely on objective (indisputable) criteria to resolve their differences. For example, they migh   business email list  t agree to adhere to standards such as market value, expert opinion, industry protocol, or legislation. In this sense, “ it is important that the parties agree in advance what objective criteria they will consult and accept the result derived from them. The

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e objectives must necessarily be independent of the will of the parties involved, be legitimate and at the same time practical,” says Pietro. YOU MAY BE INTEREST IN: 10 KEYS TO SUCCEED IN A NEGOTIATION 5. HAVE EMPATHY It is one of the most difficult skills to find because it is part of one’s own personality, although it can and must be acquired and perfected. We understand empathy as the ability to see issues as the other sees them, from their position and circumstance. It is BY  Lists not necessary to assume their point of view, but it is necessary to understand why they think that way, what leads them to that behavior. In any negotiation, empathetic people have an advantage because they have come a long way before the opposing

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