5 Ways To Outsource Content

If you want the best freelance writer for your business, Contently may be one of the more well-known options, but is it the best? There are actually quite a few alternatives, including WriterAccess, TextBroker, and Freelancer.com. Exploring other content delivery sites can help your business thrive.
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Apr 20 | 5 min read
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One of the best ways to market your business is through content marketing. By developing customized blog posts, white papers, e-books, and more, you can attract more traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.
When developing a content marketing strategy, you’ll likely need to outsource much of the writing to a professional copywriter.

5 Top Freelancer Writer Marketplaces

Although we’re covering the top five options, there are far more platforms out there. However, while you could go with a lesser-known content delivery website, you likely won’t be able to attract the best writers from them.
So, if you’re looking for high-quality deliverables, these five options are suitable alternatives to Contently.
1. WriterAccess
Screened proven talent
If you want more control over who can write your content, WriterAccess is the best choice.
This Whatsapp Number List platform helps you connect with the best writers from around the world, thanks to the power of AI. No, you won’t be getting AI-generated content. Instead, WriterAccess takes a sample of some writing you like and then uses AI to find writers with the same.
Best of all, you can curate a list of writers you like by browsing their profiles and communicating with them through the platform.
By setting up a “love list,” you can post content outlines and be sure that the piece will be written by someone you like. Alternatively, you can assign articles to a specific writer and communicate with them about exactly what you want.
Finally, whereas Contently can charge exorbitant rates for its content, you can either set your price range or ask for writers to submit their rates.
This flexibility ensures you can still get high-quality material at a more affordable rate. Plus, because you also have access to a wide variety of content marketing tools, you can kick your next campaign into high gear almost immediately.

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