All you have to do is visit their website

Thenfor the asynchronous exercise, upload the file to a shared folder and commit to writing down everything that comes to mind over the next week. Step 2. Evaluate the market and competitors once the synchronous and asynchronous brainstorming is over, what follows is to investigate the market and competitors. For the first, you could do a focus group or simple interviews with clients, prospects and ordinary people who live in different states of consciousness. The idea here is to ask those people to share keywords with you to enrich your keyword research . Now, to investigate competitors. All you have to do is visit their website or social networks to identify what words they use or what topics they.

The third step of the process consists

All the keywords you obtain by researching the market business email list and competitors must be added to the master document that you built in the first step. Add tools up to this point, what you have is a file full of keywords. In it you put your ideas, those of the team, those of clients and those of competitors. If you did it meticulously, that document will be a fantastic starting point for keyword research for your business. If, on the other hand, you only spent a few minutes and only wrote down the first fifteen words that came to mind, we recommend that, before continuing, you reverse and go back to the first step. The third step of the process consists of taking the document to enrich it, leveraging one or more tools.

Other interesting free tools to increase

The goal is to use a keyword research platform to BY Lists complement the archive. What tools do we recommend for this step? There are many, free and paid. The simplest of the free ones is google. If you take one of the keywords from your document and search for it on google, the autocomplete will show you other interesting ones—even related ideas will appear within the results. Other interesting free tools to increase your keyword research are: a plugin for google chrome called keyword surfer or which has a free and a paid version. Now, in paid tools we have a huge universe.

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