An action plan for content creation

There is no point in filling ourselves with keywords that are synonyms or that overlap with each other. At this stage we exit the tool and sit down with the team to work on the document. This fifth step is also a good scenario to remove from keyword research those keywords that we call “vanity”; that are very ambiguous, contribute little or are very difficult for the digital moment of the business. Step 6. Prioritize after classifying the list, the penultimate step of the process does not have an instruction manual to follow, because what you must do is make decisions. What is most important to your business right now? Which keywords will bring you the most? Where is the greatest opportunity.

Every year or every time you feel

These answers are the input to execute this penultimate business database stage of keyword research . Here you will take the list, you will meet with the team, you will evaluate all the variables – metrics of each keyword, the moment of your business, the market situation, the strategy of your competitors and your content generation and engine optimization capabilities. Search or advertising investment—and you will establish your priorities. An action plan for content creation and digital advertising should emerge from this exercise. Step 7. Repeat the process if you have come this far, what you have in your hands is your first keyword research and an action plan. What follows is to repeat the process; every semester. Every year or every time you feel that the market has changed.

User experience acronym in for user experience

Let’s internalize how to create excellent information. Architecture so BY Lists we can design websites that are easy. To consume, understand and navigate. User experience acronym in for user experience  is one. Of the digital activities that receive the most attention today. This is due to the proliferation of devices. That the market has today. And that businesses have understood that fighting only in the field of attracting new users, without worrying about retention, threatens their future results.

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