Step by step for Facebook and YouTube

A live broadcast is a service that allows a profile. Page or channel to communicate with its followers by video, in real time. In other words, without the need for the viewer to download the. Content or request access by registering in advance. In other words, as in the case of the webinar .

However, The difference between live streaming and streaming services, such as YouTube and Netflix, is that in lives. However, the video is viewed at the same time it is recorded. Thus allowing the Content Creator to interact with the audience. Respond to comments at the moment, etc.

Despite being content made to be consumed instantly. It is possible to keep the videos on the social. However, network’s timeline or base them on YouTube so that other. People can enjoy their content when they can or feel necessary.

What is a live stream

Due to the changes that have occurred in the Facebook algorithm in recent years, appearing in the news feed of followers and friends has become a complex mission.

Basically, this results from the increase executive data in network users, technological advances and the fight against spam. Faced with the need to protect people from fraud or other cyber threats and ensure that users access valuable content in accordance with their preferences, Facebook has become increasingly demanding in terms of content positioning.

Why do a live broadcast

During the live broadcast, leads can get to know you better, making the dialogue much more personalized and dynamic. In these instances, it is also possible to resolve doubts BY Lists in real time, a fact that optimizes time management in your organization, minimizes objections and strengthens ties.

The video inspires confidence
When you show that you are interested in your customer’s experience and open yourself to dialogue, without limits on questions, cuts and edits, you increase the level of trust that customers have in your product.

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