AI-Powered Bing May Replace Google as Samsung’s Default Search Engine

Samsung users may soon see AI-Enhanced Bing replace Google as the default search engine on their favorite devices. But will it actually happen, and what do digital marketers need to know.
Vanessa Dias
Apr 20 | 4 min read
Samsung is switching from Google to Bing
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If you’re a long-time Samsung user, you’re undoubtedly used to your devices coming complete with Google installed as the default search engine, and with good reason. Google has been the search standard to beat for years now, so much so that its name has become synonymous with the idea of using a search engine in the first place.
But that was before AI-powered alternatives like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the new Bing AI Search came along. Those options have definitely been grabbing headlines, but they’ve also inspired large numbers of Google users to consider them further.
Now it’s beginning to look like some of Google’s longest-standing partners may be thinking the same way. For example, The New York Times just announced that longtime Google partner Samsung could be looking to switch the default search engine on all its devices to Bing. But how likely is that to happen, and what should the digital marketing sector know about the possibility..

Likely Is Samsung to Switch to Bing

As previously stated in The New York Times, Samsung has not expressly stated the reasons they’re considering a switch. However, many reasonably assume it’s due to the Whatsapp Database huge strides Bing has taken within just a few short months.
The efficiency of the new Bing, combined with the booming popularity of AI tools, has given Google the type of stiff competition it hasn’t had in years (if ever). Alphabet Inc. stock values have fallen while Microsoft’s have risen. And now Google may lose a partnership worth multiple billions of dollars.
However, it remains to be seen whether this is likely to happen. At present, negotiations between Samsung and Google are still ongoing regarding the renewal of their current contract.
What Is Google Doing in Response.
Google has been responding to recent advancements, including the improved strength of competitor Bing, by brainstorming new advancements of its own. One was the introduction of Google Bard, Google’s own answer to the current AI search trend.
However, the search engine giant is also developing another AI-enhanced search option, currently codenamed Magi. According to sources, this latest incarnation of Google will deliver a more personalized user experience by anticipating the searcher’s needs and will likely build on the experience already offered by Bard.

Does All This Mean for Marketers

In many ways, search engines are already delivering a lot of the information searchers need right there on the SERP instead of requiring them to click through to a website every time. As AI technology and advanced features continue to shape search engines, the possibility of a “zero-click” world gets greater, so marketers should plan for that.Ultimately, the BY Lists  possibility that Samsung is considering partnering with Bing over Google is a sign that the world of SEO is evolving. Marketers everywhere should prepare by staying on top of industry news and prioritizing key factors like user experience moving forward.

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