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Blockchain in digital marketing with its possible uses


Blockchain in digital or chain of blocks. One of the most recent innovations in the world of technologies. It is a digital database that records each of the transactions. That are generated virtually. It is made up of a series of elements that allow each data to be monitored. Because it is a virtual invention, there is no way to lose these records and the Blockchain is responsible for verifying the information from its mining and linking each node. It has originally been related to financial terms, but blockchain technology has become irresistible for digital marketing . How to use blockchain in digital marketing Low cost.

Blockchain in  marketing Blockchain in digital

transactions One of the reasons why Blockchain is succeeding is because of the low transaction fees it generates. As its main use was through Bitcoin, this digital currency did not have to be financed from a bank, so its transfer does not usually executive data generate intermediary interest. With respect to Marketing, very similar happens. The seller has the option of going directly to the user so that he can advertise the product, in exchange for this, he offers a payment that will depend directly on the seller. Trust in online transactions Thanks to Blockchain, anyone who wishes can carry out a secure verification of the data.

The Strength of Blockchain

that represents the product they intend to purchase. From the beginning of its production, the origin of the raw material, for example, until the moment of its acquisition. This eliminates the consideration of common risks when making decisions By Lists to access the product or not. Smart contracts The Blockchain incorporates the development of smart contracts, which give way to the transaction of money, property or any symbol of value without conflicts or intermediaries. These contracts also have the formality of being automatic and being able to be kept over time without fear of loss or fraudulent modifications.

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