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Research and use keywords not only will you have to spend time brainstorming blog ideas but you will have to do research on the topic you are writing about and keywords for search engine optimization (seo). The seo of your content is extremely important when it comes to writing content that ranks. So be sure to look at how your competitors are using keywords in: page titles url header plates 1 (h1) blog text internal links alt text image meta descriptions many companies will try to outdo their competitors in terms of popular keywords with high search volumes.

One thing to keep in mind

While this may work for some. You should also Email List focus on other keywords that you can start searching for that your competitors may not be aware of. You should take the time to conduct thorough research on keywords relat to your topic. I personally recommend the keyword explorer feature on sites like ahrefs or moz . Here you can find countless keyword ideas and generate a list of words or phrases that you want to focus on targeting in your content. One thing to keep in mind. Though: use keywords carefully

Take an ebook for example

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If your keywords aren.T insert naturally. Google may  BY Lists  penalize you for keyword stuffing which will thwart your efforts. Keyword search image source: micropyramid.Com 3. 3. Consider the word count the length of your content doesn.T necessarily determine its success. But it.S been proven that long-form content typically ranks better than short-form content. Take an ebook for example. An ebook is consider long-form content because it offers a more in-depth discussion and expertise on the topic. Long-form content also gives the author more opportunities to strategically place keywords so they are us naturally throughout the content. 4. 4. Choose a specific title the more specific your title.

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