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Content marketing in this form has power and builds reach. So it helps to advertise an online store. Remarketing is important too. Promoting your online store is not only about reaching new customers and increasing the group of potential customers of your website. Remarketing activities are design to reach those recipients who already know your store. But so far have not decid to shop there. These are usually people who may have reach the website thanks to the advertisement, but did not perform the activity you assum on it. You can run remarketing on Google. YouTube, Facebook or LinkIn.

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Wherever your audience can appear! However. Such actions should be carri out with caution and carefully thought out. For example, it’s better to pay more for a campaign that will reach a person who was in your store days ago and abandon the basket with products there than to a person who was. In the store a month ago and view Latest Mailing Database only or products there. Measure the effects of advertising campaigns While in purely content marketing activities. Such as guest articles, blog posts or social mia participation, it is hard to find a specific measurement factor for a given activity. The costs of a Google or Facebook campaign can be clearly defin.

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In this matter, you will ne Google Analytics, which will allow you to track the profitability and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. All you have to do is connect to statistics on revenues and  costs of a given activity. In addition, you will also be able to observe the increase in the number of page BY Lists views, transactions, users or revenue. Why is it important to measure such activities? Only tracking the effects of your actions will help you react appropriately.

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