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 Let’s look at the process you came to…… Stage directory index for designing website Install and activate Element or element settings Set transport( professional) custom font(PRO) custom icon( custom code) professional version( professional version) file manager Tools System information First step Get help License( professional version) To install Elementary, you only need to follow these steps: Go to Plugin > Add a new plugin and search Elementary in the plugin search engine.

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 Click “ install”, then click “ activate”. When you are ready, you have now installed    special data  Telementor for free. Simple. How to install Elementary Now, if you want to install Telementor Pro, you must purchase a license and upload it from the same plugin page in WordPress. Element Settings After installing Elementary, let’s see how to configure it. Depending on whether you install only the free version or the free + pro version, different options will appear in the WordPress menu to configure your Elementary.

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 I will tell you how to configure each tab below and tell you in each tab whether the option belongs to one version or another. Settings In the “ setup” subsection, 4 tabs will appear, in each tab you can configure a variety of things: General Integration Advanced Experiments Basic Settings General Configure some general options from  BY Lists  here, as shown in the title. Content type: You can determine here whether to activate Elementary for Woo Commerce posts, pages, products ( if you have store ) and other types of content on the site.

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