Improve title tags for higher clickthrough

Ne to have track the keyphrase before you made the changes to see the impact. You can see here how this method can improve Google rankings fast. The rankings chang within a week: Next we’ll look at it in Semrush which doesn’t require that you enter all keyphrases you’d like to track. You can create a project and track specific phrases but it will also report on position changes for any phrase over any date range. Again you can see that this process shows how to improve Google rankings fast. The positions chang within a week: But there’s more to life than rankings. Are goals are really about traffic and engagement. So let’s

Move on to Google

Analytics. To measure the results using a GA4 report (easier) This report is quick to create but doesn’t draw one simple line chart showing impact. You can’t change the line charts in GA4 reports. They always show all business lead of the rows. So I won’t show the line chart. This entire process is detail in our post about GA4 content marketing audits. Here’s a summary of the process and a single screenshot of the final report. Go to the Reports > Pages and Screens report. The “primary dimension” (which is the drop down above the first

Column should

Howing this process but we’ll summarize it and adapt it for SEO here. First ask ChatGPT to create a persona by giving it the job title industry and basic information about the person’s role. If you’re working on an article ask the AI for BY Lists details about their information nes. If you’re working on a service page ask about its decision criteria for buying those services. Next you’ll give it our existing page and ask it what information is missing bas on that persona. Finally you’ll ask it to write some additional copy. To keep from rucing the keyphrase

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