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 Usually, this information is obtained from Google Analytics or another analysis program. Knowing where you are makes it easier for you to start healing. Remember that the wheel should not be reinvented and not all content should be rewritten. We take what works and keep it, and only modify and improve what doesn’t. When you want inside information about sales pages, join here . You can choose one of three free gifts for yourself. page is and why it is an essential part of your sales funnel. What kind of questions came to your mind about this post? How to write a blog anonymously & how to get readers for such a blog? To start blogging | 0 Comments .

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How to write a blog anonymously and how to get readers for such a blog? Is it even new database possible or has acting online anonymously been made impossible already? You will find the answers to these and a couple of other questions in this post. From time to time, I have written tips and reflections for my newsletter subscribers, in which I have reviewed the pros and cons of writing anonymously. The topic sparks a nice discussion every time and I have received many reasons (in addition to my own thoughts) why someone wants to write a blog anonymously.  to get more readers to your blog Here are some of the reasons I listed: “One reason why anonymity is a good thing is your own peace of mind.

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academic education / workplace How to write a blog anonymously & how to get readers for such a blog? As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, starting BY Lists a 100% anonymous blog is extremely difficult, if not impossible. It is possible to find out the IP address with a few clicks. And even if you could set up a blog anonymously (there’s a tip for that later), the next challenge is social media. You can set up your own Facebook page for the blog, which will be “under” your personal profile. 

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