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However, what is docker. This term may be quite foreign to you .But you need to know that Docker is widely . Used by software developers, both domestically and abroad. You must be curious, right? Let’s read the article carefully. What is docker? Docker is a service that provides. The ability to package and run an application in an isolated environment called a container. Having adequate isolation and security allows you to run many containers at the same time on a particular host. Docker was introduced in 2013 by Solomon Hykes at the PyCon event. Several months later, Docker was officially launched, to be precise in 2014. Since then, Docker has become very popular among foreign developers, but is not yet very popular in Indonesia. Docker features After knowing the meaning, now we go into the features of Docker that you can use according to your needs.

Docker engine The first is Docker Engine

It is used to create images and containers. DockerHub Next is docker hub. It is a registry that contains a collection of images. By using this docker hub you can collect images. This hub is different from docker engine which only creates images. Docker Compose Docker compose is one of the superior features that functions to run several containers or what is usually called multi-container so it can save a lot of time. Docker for Mac For this feature, you probably already know it from the name. This ws data feature allows docker users to run containers on the Mac operating system. forward to other coding scholarship programs for Indonesian developers fromDocker for Linux Just like the previous feature, this feature also allows users to run containers on the Linux operating system. Docker for Windows The last feature and definitely the most widely used feature compared to other features is Docker for Windows. This feature allows users to run containers on the Windows operating system. Excess When used, Docker has various benefits or advantages that make it popular among developers.

The following are some of the advantages

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Has a simple configuration Docker has a fairly simple configuration and you can adapt it to the needs of the application you are developing. Just by specifying some code, it will create its own environment which is different from the environment of the main server. Good level of security Docker has a good level of security. It will ensure that running applications cannot affect BY Lists the container. Apart from that, it also has other security features such as setting the host OS mount with read-only access so it won’t change any configuration unless someone has full access. Can be run on multiple cloud platforms One of the reasons why Docker is in great demand by many companies is because it can be run on several.

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