The members and functions of a content marketing team

Understanding who should be involved in content. Production is essential for companies and their clients to be successful in their marketing actions. Therefore, we prepared this article to point out which professionals and what their functions are within the content marketing team. Producing content is part of the marketing strategy of many companies and. Therefore, composes the management of projects in this area. Some people have the view that content should only concern editors, however, this is incorrect.

The importance of content in the marketing strategy

Content is the pillar of all marketing channels. Whether online Email Contact List or offline, what will effectively draw your audience’s attention to your brand and encourage them to follow it are content that has value for them. However, content marketing is not just about writing good texts. This strategy is aimed at generating business opportunities, with content being the main tool to achieve this. Briefly, the strategy is made up of three pillars: buyer persona, purchase journey and channels.

Branding notion

Surely, you can identify which products the majority are referring to, right? This happens because their brands BY Lists are so strong that they managed to stay in people’s minds and when they come across these slogans they immediately think of Red Bull, McDonald’s and Lay’s. Therefore, it is important that the content also carries that identity so that the public can notice that it is about the company, regardless of the format used .Has it ever happened to you that a prospect contacts your company and asks you what your business really does? If your answer is yes, this demonstrates a branding failure .

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