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 4% are from two or more races, and 10.8% are from Other races. [147] Hispanic or Latino residents of any race account for 23.5% of the population%. Bay Area cities Vallejo, Suisun, Auckland, San Leandro, Fairfield, and Richmond are among the most diverse cities in the United States. [148] Non-Hispanic whites make up the majority of the population in Marin County, Napa County and Sonoma County. [61] In the eastern part of the East Bay centered on the Ramolinda and Sangu regions, whites also account for the majority.

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 [61] The North Beach District of San Francisco is considered to   new database  be the city’s small Italy and was once the seat of an important Italian-American community. There are a large number of Jewish communities in San Francisco, Marin County [149] and La Morinda Region [150]. The Latino population is located throughout the Gulf region, but among the nine counties, the largest number is in Santa Clara County, and Contrakosta County has the highest growth rate. [151] The largest group of Hispanics or Latinos are Mexicans (17.

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9%), Salvadorans (1.3%), Guatemalans(0.6%)0.6%( and Nicaragua<TA5. Mexican Americans account for the largest proportion of Hispanic residents in Napa County, [152] and Central Americans  BY Lists  account for the largest proportion in San Francisco, many of whom live in church areas where many Salvadoran and Guatemalan residents live. [153] Based on the ethnic distribution map derived from the 2010 US Census.

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