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Presenting various allows them to be better tailored to the needs of users. What are the main benefits of using the mentioned phrases in your SEO strategy? Why can a long tail in company marketing be a good choice? Less competition Long tail keywords are usually less competitive than short tail keywords. Thanks to this, even if your website does not have much authority yet, you have a chance to increase organic traffic. Long tail positioning can be a way to gain online visibility faster. Higher conversion Users who use long keyword phrases usually have specific expectations and needs.

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They are more likely to take a specific action on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product or using a service. Better positioning Photo Retouching Google and other search engines appreciate valuable content that answers specific user queries. Presenting various Therefore, pages that contain long-tail keywords are often rated better by search engine algorithms and achieve higher positions in search results. Building authority in a niche These keyword phrases allow you to create content that is more detailed and precise. This can be very helpful in building thematic authority in a given field.

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Long tail positioning – how to find long tail keywords? Keyword research tools There are many tools to help you find the right keywords, here are some of them: Google Keyword Planner is a free Google tool. The planner helps you find long keyword phrases related to BY Lists your niche. The tool also provides information on the competitiveness of phrases and potential traffic. Ahrefs is an advanced keyword analysis tool – and much more. In Ahrefs you can check the number of searches for various types of phrases, you will also find information about competition and links.

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