Long video platform VIP has become a “leek” waiting to be cut

Many people are willing to spend more than 20 yuan for a cup of milk tea, but they are not willing to recharge their video membership for a month.” In the past two years, the membership price of the long video platform has risen several times, and the membership fee of 20 to 30 yuan per month has caused dissatisfaction among users. “If only one member can realize the freedom of watching dramas, I would like to, but the fact is that film and television resources are scattered. In order to watch dramas, it is often necessary to ‘contract’ multiple platform members.” Chen told Times Finance that she has already filled up multiple video platform members.

The number of members exceeds 200 million, but the platform is losing money all the year round

But the reality is that she needs to pay for smart TV and definition, which costs hundreds of dollars a month, which is simply unaffordable. In the early days, in order to promote members, various video platforms launched preferential incentives such as “6 yuan for the first month Albania Phone Number List of VIP”, “members watch 6 episodes in advance”, “get free 7-day membership”, and gradually cultivated a group of loyal members with payment awareness. But from business models such as advanced on-demand and additional payment, they have glimpsed the purchasing power of member users.

 The rights and interests have been shrinking again and again, causing user dissatisfaction

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In 2019 the number of paid and on-demand users of Tencent Video “Chen Qing Ling” reached 5.2 million, and the total payment amount was about 156 million yuan. Since then, how to further stimulate the purchasing power of member users has become one of the open source directions of BY Lists each platform. Since 2023, long-term video platforms have successively exposed user rights issues, restrictions on screen projection, restrictions on one mobile phone login, multi-device login encountering account bans, etc. There are more and more charging items, and the rules have become more complicated.