Unscrupulous Internet celebrities deceive the elderly, and it is difficult to delete mobile phone data… 315 exposes these technological “tanking’s”!

The 315 party in 2023 will come as scheduled. As an annual consumer rights protection conference the 315 party. Will always bring us a lot of “surprises” such as sauerkraut stepped on by feet WIFI master keys that steal information etc. These shocking questions have left many netizens with a psychological shadow. However looking at the positive side the problems. Exposed at the 315 party will be vigorously rectified in the next period of time. For example the exposed WIFI master key to steal personal information. Will soon be removed from the shelves of major application markets. Although it cannot completely solve the problem of similar APPs. At least it will prevent users from easily downloading such APPs.

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Don’t be afraid of problems, just be afraid that the problems will not be exposed. The theme of this year’s 315 party is “Illuminating Consumption Confidence with the Light of Integrity”, advocating the values ​​and beliefs of honest management, law-abiding, fair competition, and orderly Argentina Phone Number List development. Next, let us see what issues related to us have been exposed in this year’s 315 party. 1. Live broadcast of bitter scenes, cheating the elderly unambiguously The popularity of live broadcasting has made many people fall in love with this form of entertainment, especially for those middle-aged and elderly people who are idle at home and have nothing to do, live broadcasting has become their main daily entertainment item. Many netizens complained on the Internet that their parents were obsessed with live broadcasts.

What’s so tricky about the cracked version of the APP?

They often stared at their mobile phones for hours, sometimes even at two or three o’clock in the evening, and their children had to remind them repeatedly before they would go to bed. Taking advantage of the middle-aged and elderly people’s obsession with live broadcasting, many anchors are eyeing this market. Taking advantage of the characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people who love to listen to stories and are sympathetic, they fabricate various BY Lists sensational stories to attract traffic, in the name of helping ordinary people solve difficulties and mediate Contradictory banners, the anchor and the actors deduce stories one by one, and at the end of the story, they often start to sell drugs abruptly, from the magic medicine that can treat “small tumors” to all kinds.