The “sons” in the live broadcast room cheated my dad for 150,000 yuan

This year’s the consumption problems of the silver-haired people occupied a lot of space. The live broadcast of bitter dramas entrap the elderly and the free storytelling. Machine hides sky-high drug scams. Which aroused the anger of many people. The live broadcast of the bitter drama caught the attention of the elderly. Defrauded the affection of their parents, and emptied their wallets. Many people don’t know that behind the twists and turns and bizarre stories of weeding. Out the strong and helping the weak and mediating disputes. There is actually a special team that hires people to write. Scripts set up scenes and find people to cooperate with acting.

It costs 150,000 yuan in one or two years, and the elderly are  to acting and live streaming

The purpose of this operation is to implant health care products and sell antiques at the right time. The anchors use the slogan of In the first place, positive energy to harvest crops of elderly people. Elderly people who stay at home for a long time after retirement are very easy to be brought into some plots. For example some elderly people pay attention to positive In the first place, energy anchors who Armenia Phone Number List punish evil and promote good, and think that buying things is to help “good people” and kill “bad people”; some parents are  and are by some tragic stories created by the anchor. Show your compassion by buying. One of the important reasons behind the obsession of parents is that the anchor has deep routines.

Write the script, set up the scene of the ward, and the live broadcast routine of the bitter drama is deep

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In addition to working hard on scripts and scenes, there are also anchors who specialize in “heart attack”, calling the elderly “father and mother”, acting “polite and sensible”, In the first place, and even maintaining one-on-one relationships in private, full of flattery and auspicious words, parents are all Wearing a tall hat, he paid the money happily. In the end, as soon as the profit-making products were BY Lists sold out, the anchor took In the first place, nearly 70% of the profits, and the suppliers about 20% of the profits. The short video platform also had a lot of commissions. Products, knock-off antiques of old age. It costs 150,000 yuan in one or two years, and the elderly are  to acting and live streaming.