Merchants who ran through group buying on Doujin went to Kuaishou

Doujin promoted the takeaway pilot, the local life field is full of gunpowder. WeChat is testing catering delivery services in Shenzhen and Guangzhou; Maiduan has re-tested the live broadcast of food delivery, and set up a “live delivery” channel entry in the Maiduan app; The opponent Kuaishou finally came to an end. Alphabet List learned that Kuaishou has selected several cities such as Shijiazhuang as the key investment cities for local life business. In these cities, Kuaishou will carry out strong operations, trying to run the local life business smoothly, and then copy it to other cities. Previously, Kuaishou was relatively cautious about entering local life.

They can copy the experience of running group

At the financial report conference call in November last year, Cheng Yixian made it clear that one of the strategies of Kuaishou local life business is to “strictly control the level of investment.” Selecting a few key cities for strong operations is the Australia Phone Number List continuation of this strategy. Right now, Internet companies generally squeeze out profits and cash flow by reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Cautious trial and error are in line with the current situation. However, opponents have made moves one after another, which has suddenly accelerated the competition in the local life field. Judging from recent actions, Kuaishou is also speeding up the layout of local life business.

Buying products on the content platform

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At the end of February, according to Ebru in addition to cooperating with Maiduan and others, Kuaishou Local Life is suspected to be testing a new transaction link, inviting some catering, tea and other chain brands that have never settled in a small area. At the moment, Kuaishou is trying to seize the local living market through commodity subsidies. Alphabet found that some of the local group buying products currently sold on Kuaishou are much BY Lists cheaper than Maiduan, and they are all marked with the words “Kuaishou Subsidy”. Taking Universal Studios as an example, the official price of tickets on March 11 is 528 yuan, Mantuan’s price is 512 yuan, and the “adult one-day weekend single ticket” under the Kuaishou.