Three years of virtual fire can’t burn the future of virtual people

In recent years virtual people have gradually broken through the barriers of the second dimension. And began to appear in the mainstream media as actual images, attracting the attention and pursuit of young people. At the beginning of this year, the virtual idol Luo once again appeared on the New Year’s Day party at station B, which became the hot spot of the party that night. Subsequently, in the promotional video of the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, the virtual human “CCTV Little C” debuted for the first time, bringing scenes and content rich in Chinese classical culture to the audience.

Three-year review, the diversity of virtual human beings

For a while, the virtual human image became a hot topic among netizens again. Looking back on the past year, from the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, a large number of virtual characters with their own characteristics The image appears in front of C-end users, and the application scenarios Bahamas Phone Number List are becoming more and more abundant. The picture shows CCTV Xiao C However, after several years of drastic technological innovation, the current virtual human image does not seem to be significantly different from the early days, and the applications are still mainly concentrated in the field of B-end technical services and C-end content entertainment, and there is insufficient profit margin.

The “virtual fire” is gradually extinguished, what is the problem with the virtual human?

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With the continuous layoffs and adjustments of the business lines of the metaverse at home and abroad, the research and development and investment of various companies in virtual human beings are also shrinking. All the signs make people doubt whether the future virtual human track BY Lists has ushered in a bottleneck. To what extent? ? From technology to content, what kind of difficulties have you encountered in the development of the virtual human industry? Where is the future direction of development and the way to break the situation? 1. Technology “fire” virtual human What is a virtual person? At present, the definition of virtual human generally.