Ele.me went to the store and merged into AutoNavi, and Kuaishou actively entered the game. Can the local life change again?

Big Internet companies are not only focusing on “takeaway”, but also not giving up on the “store” business of local life. ‍ Recently, Kuaishou began to test the official local life applet, and has invited some chain brands such as catering and tea to settle in. Kuaishou users in Beijing, Hangzhou and other cities can complete group buying transactions through the official Kuaishou local life mini program, and then go to the store for consumption. In addition, Ali was not reconciled, and made organizational adjustments again, merging Eel. ME’s store-to-store business (word-of-mouth) into Auto Navi, and Auto Navi released an integrated travel service platform, which is regarded as the “No. 1” project of this year. project”.

Kuaishou and Maiduan “same bed, different dreams”, no more pretense‍‍

In this “mine” of local life some people lose money and make. Money while others can continue to make money. Today the battle situation is deliberately chaotic. Whether Kuaishou and Ele.me can strengthen users’ minds and grab. Market share every step is crucial. 1. Kuaishou and Maiduan “same bed. Different dreams” no more pretense‍‍. The highlands Cambodia Phone Number List of local life have been occupied by Maiduan all year round. The high frequency of local life and the consumption characteristics of rigid. Needs have also been closely watched by other major manufacturers. According to the forecast of research, the scale of China’s local life service market in 2020 is 19.5 trillion yuan, and it is expected to grow to 35.3 trillion yuan by 2025.

Ele.me goes to the store to integrate with Auto Navi, treating symptoms but not root cause‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

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Of which catering services and leisure and entertainment services are expected to reach 14.4 trillion yuan and 3.8 trillion yuan respectively. The market space is considerable, and the overall online penetration rate of local life is only 10%. As early as July 2020, Kuaishou launched the “Local Life Service” entrance in the homepage navigation. But Kuaishou has not deeply cultivated the store and home business. In April 2021, Yan BY Lists Quang, senior vice president of Kuaishou, announced that live broadcast e-commerce 2.0, local life, social networking and community will be the main directions of Kuaishou future efforts. Subsequently, Kuaishou launched Kuaishou Tongcheng’s, group buying WeChat applets, and local life lists, and gradually.