The dream that the Internet has given up the fastest, is there any hope for the Metaverse?

Today we are determined to do low prices and everyone will. Unified there will be many changes in the future and it will be. Very difficult but there is no way we must go on this road low price. Hedgehog Commune’s judgment The core of the birth of 10 billion. Subsidy is that has anxiety on the upstream supply side. It wants to use the downstream consumer side to force the supply chain reform, thereby activating growth. The 10 billion subsidy is just a means and the price. The war is also an appearance what cares most is not the price war but the key point. Is to revitalize the supply chain side that is to stimulate the vitality of suppliers.

From the stars holding the moon to moving forward in a low-key manner

Use market demand to push back upstream those who lack vitality, lack a sense of security, and lie down to make money. suppliers to make changes. This method is promoted according to the logic similar to “semi-planned economy and semi-market economy”. We further judge: To understand the behavior of tens of billions of subsidies in the abstract is to “customize” the Chile Phone Number List production of consumer demand, use products and prices to gather and integrate demand, actively lower the consumption threshold, and promote upstream shipments to increase. The flow increases, the demand increases, and new market behaviors will activate more links to operate. The e-commerce industry can only make money if it flows.

 The metaverse that seems to be  is not without chance

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Although the existing public opinion is always emphasizing on profit margins and cash flow, this is also true, but he is more responsible for the entire and profit margins and cash flow are specific references. So we can see that in the first quarter of 2023, a price war that has not been seen for a long time between e-commerce platforms has begun. And after which fired the first BY Lists shot, it is likely that there will be new players joining this “e-commerce chicken eating” battlefield that is far more competitive than the shopping festival promotion. 1. A subsidy of tens of billions is really a price war In the eyes of users, there is not much difference between of billions of subsidies and the discounts offered by competing product platforms.