Card blind box a new generation of leek cutting artifact

When I was 17 years old I was sitting on a green leather train and wanted to see the world. I felt that the 1 yuan Beijing instant noodles in my hand was a delicacy in the world. When I was 27 years old I up late. To write a manuscript and suddenly found that the noodle cakes. I had loved for many years were no longer tasteless. I don’t like instant noodles any more. But I still have something to say about instant noodles. Recently my cousin who was in the collection circle told me that the bags. Of crispy noodles that he collected when he was a child turned into treasures and sold. For a high price of more than 200 yuan a premium of more than 100 times the cost.

The value of feelings

Card blind box a new generation of leek cutting artifact While doubting my life. I followed the treasure gathering place and returned to the green leather train in my memory. 1. The value of feelings Many friends who have never played have a misunderstanding: Here is a second-hand goods trading platform, which specializes in selling cheap goods. First of all, the word “second-hand” itself is a very narrow concept, and only things are  China Phone Number List second-hand. In fact, anyone who has been shopping for a while will be to find that the new products on are no less than second-hand products, and the prices are still very sexy. Secondly, second-hand is not necessarily cheap. If you observe carefully, you will find that the breadth and depth of this community exceeds any textbook of anthropology and sociology.

Metamorphic innocence

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The bags of crispy noodles, which are  as rubbish by most people, can be sold at a high premium because they have important historical value for certain groups of people. Even the seller can tell you the story behind it like a few treasures. Even the packaging bag is like this, and the small cards in the bag have not taken off yet? At the turn of the century, Little Raccoon’s Crispy Noodles was a phenomenon-level product. As soon as it BY Lists was , it immediately  the hearts of children and became the only favorite in the children’s world. “Buy snacks and give gifts” is definitely a marketing technique that transcends the times, and the Water Margin Hero Card is a classic case of legendary level. Children’s consumption motivation is seldom to eat noodles, but to collect the bonus cards.