Low prices return to the focus subsidies are just a means but there is a world inside!

The “10 billion subsidy” was fully launched on the app at 0:00 on March 6 and appeared. In the center of the first screen of the homepage 20 hours earlier than the original plan. So far the “10 billion subsidy” low-price sales strategy. Which was first promoted by Pinduoduo. Ka’s attracted core e-commerce platforms including and to follow up and open event entrances. Low prices have returned to the focus again and even become the key to breaking. The offensive and defensive game of the core e-commerce platform. 10 billion subsidy “10 Billion Subsidy” channel, which directly targets Pinduoduo will continue as a long-term strategy.

 Jindong’s 10 billion subsidy

What is anxious about? is a self-operated e-commerce company with a relatively strong control over products. Relying on the advantages of “authentic products + logistics”, its profits have always been Czech Republic Phone Number List invincible. With the change of people’s consumption concept and the improvement of income level, the pursuit of quality and brand has gradually become the mainstream of consumer demand. Against this backdrop, “genuine licensed product” image advantage is prominent, bringing higher profit margins. Logistics has always been regarded as the core competitiveness of JD. It not only has basic express delivery capabilities.

The tens of billions of subsidies are highly

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But also has an intra-city retail model. It has built a strong supply chain infrastructure, and has laid out and Hourly Shopping, ensuring fast and high quality The high-quality service has also achieved the ultimate in terminal outlets, which can meet the various needs of customers. Three years BY Lists after the epidemic, consumption has been downgraded, user demands have changed, and has also begun to face internal and external troubles. foreign aggression: The Amoy system has a huge advantage in size , and it is still the best. 2. Pinduoduo has risen rapidly by relying on low prices.