Soda music intercepts OST copyright, where does Byte Dance’s “Chasing Road” stop?

Some time ago friend A who worked in the music industry went to a film and television company. To discuss the music copyright cooperation of a certain OST. At that time she was sitting with the leader in the conference room of the partner. To finalize the final details. The contract was all on the table. By coincidence the phone rang and the other party went out to answer it. This walk is two hours. Two hours later the other party  to the table but what they brought was the news that the copyright had been lost to another family. In fact in the past few years this “other family” has often appeared. As the protagonist of TME or Cloud Music but the protagonist. In this story has been  by soda music.

Share a glass of streaming media “soda”

Compared with the publicity situation of the two giants, soda music, which is still in the promotion period, is extremely low-key in the market, but low-key does not mean that it has no achievements. 1. Share a glass of streaming media “soda” For most people, the name of soda music may still be Dominican Republic Phone Number List unfamiliar, but if you are a user, the words soda music should not be uncommon, and you can often encounter download buttons when you swipe videos. The sense of use of soda music is very similar also adopts the up-and-down mode of short video switching habits, and the video dynamics are often used as the background in the playback interface. Share the music library with and push the smart music library to users through AI recommendation.

A corner of the layout

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This caused kk to download an audio version of within 5 minutes of downloading. In addition to the lack of diverse short video content, the songs that slide up and down are always short videos that are often heard in BGM. Soda music page Judging from the long-term usage habits of music listeners, the interface of soda music is illogical. In the music scene where “listening” has an BY Lists absolute advantage, the way of switching up and down and emphasizing the playback of the chorus is to some extent destroying people’s music consumption habits, which seems too fast food. Compared with the predecessors who have defined user habits, soda music does not have any advantages in this dimension.