Duo Duo Video DAU breaks 100 million: Besides subsidies what else is attractive?

To the surprise of many, daily activity is soaring. According to 36 Krypton reports, the DAU of short video business Video” has exceeded 150 million from the end of last year to the beginning of 2023, and is currently stable at 100-120 million. The peak user duration exceeds 40 minutes, and is currently stable at around 30 minutes. In such a short period of time, this result is obviously very impressive. as the fastest-growing product of China’s mobile Internet, took only 17 months from its release to breaking the 100 million DAU level. Although Video was launched in 2020, in fact, it will be fully launched in February 2022 after testing the waters.

What is the content ecology of Duo duo video with DAU exceeding 100 million?

Which also means that Video will become one of the fastest growing e-commerce content platforms. Although its DAU is still far behind that of today’ sand Kuaishou (nearly 400 million), it has surpassed Xiaohongshu (nearly 100 million), and its El-Salvador Phone Number List user duration is comparable to that of WeChat video accounts (about 30 minutes). —like the childhood of a “big monster”. Xiaohongshu DAU, MAU and usage time, source Securities Pinduoduo, which is good at rising from adversity, seems to be similar to the script that once rose strongly in front of Taobao and  divided the world into three parts. Under the iron wall of short video, Video once again broke through. But what is the actual “gold” content of this report card? There is no conclusion yet.

Duo duo also needs tens of billions of subsidies to support it?

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It can be seen that Video has sprung up relying on the “Internet earning model” and blood transfusion. The current 100 million  DAU is mostly attracted by subsidies. Burning money can create a temporary prosperity, but in the long run, it can be self The road to profit in hematopoiesis is the long-term solution. Of course, the breakthrough of Video BY Lists is also good news for traditional e-commerce. On the road to content, the two “big brothers” Taobao  have been exploring hard, but the results have been limited. In the short video track, Video, as a new catfish, will stir up any movement this year? 1. What is the content ecology of video with DAU exceeding 100 million.