23 years old, my 125 thoughts on content, consumption and life

In my opinion the best state is to see the content posted last year and feel that the picture. Of myself at that time is broken which shows that I have grown this year. So I decided to pull out everything I’ve posted over the past year and revisit it. As a result I pulled it out and saw that there were more than 70,000 characters. Which was as active as a marketing account! Some of them seem to be a bit smart, and some of them already seem to feel that their patterns are broken. In short, the good, the bad, the smart, the stupid, are all me. I screened it, and (rest assured that there are no 70,000 words) divided the content into these parts.

Thoughts of being a content practitioner

Thoughts of being a content practitioner Thoughts of being a consumer practitioner Daily life and thinking of 23 years old Some inspiring book video excerpts If you have 15 minutes now, I don’t think it’s a bad time to spend this time to meet Georgia Phone Number List re-acquaint an interesting friend~ You can open a blind box and spend whatever you want. If these contents resonate and inspire you, that’s really great! For me, this content is purely a record, but there is also a small expectation. I hope that through this article, I can get to know more interesting you, you and you. So now, come and review my 23 years with me.

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Thoughts of being a content practitioner 1 See enough and inspiration will come naturally. 2 Think of yourself as an assembly line factory. 3 About the podcast: “Where do you find a 60-minute brand communication scene right now?” 4 I hope that the content published in the new year will be less nonsense, concise and powerful, and each BY Lists article can bring you more information. (Looking at this sentence written in 2022 in 2023, I want to say to myself a year ago, yes, you did it.) 5 I asked questions from many seniors who have made achievements in the content industry, and finally found out-“Everyone understands the truth, and the most valuable thing is the feeling of being immersed in this industry.